If there are night and day dinos, are there weather based ones?


Curious question, as I seem to see koolasuchus a lot more when its particularly wet or going to be wet outside. Or it’s just coincidence. Thoughts?


I’ve noticed the “salamander” types more in my neighborhood even when it’s just cloudy. You may be on to something.


If there were more sea creatures we could know, makes me wonder if they will implement dinos for bodies of water. I really want elasmasaurus (cant spell)


There isn’t even weather in the game … doubt there is anything like that.


I live in Phoenix, where every day is hell, so I can’t confirm the weather part, but I definitely see different dinos at night.


Oh dude, I’m from Arizona. I know that hell all to well. Lol


Velociraptors mainly out at night


In rainy weather the raptors seem too much. especially near my home.