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If there is Resistance , then there should be Vulnerabilities

It feels like a new game now that resistance is introduced. But if dinos have resistance (some greater than others), they should have vulnerabilities as well. Like receiving more DOT damage from bleed than normal, or getting stunned 100% of the time, or getting small additional damage from armor piercing attacks, or shield breaking attacks etc…


This would be cool but also risky for the update. They would have to say in the pach notes that they might be removed if not liked or else people might leave the game.

I agree, and also, raid moves don’t have to be reflected in the regular arena. Those moves work nicely for raids but don’t make sense here. Players want their real moves back for the dinos that they commited all their time for levelling them.

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Vulnerabilities would be a good addition

But I’d say only powerful creatures should deserves vulnerabilities

Like Allo g2 or Maxima

let’s copy more pokemon things. :sunglasses:

seems cool, but i wonder if we need 2 tabs inside dino info with so many things to show (and decide in less than 20 seconds).

I’m a little confused on how vulnerabilities would even work. The title of the thread would imply that they would be based off resistances, but how does a creature become “vulnerable” to a status affliction? It’s not like they can just be more likely to get afflicted by them, that’s not really how they work in this game. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Maybe like Jurassic world the Game but instead of creatures affecting other creatures, certain moves affect certain creatures in a worse way.

I’ve actually made a thread about this before, but more detailed, of course. The problem is that vulnerabilities combined with resistances would probably be too many to remember.