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If there's an event on Lizard Day

…why can’t there be an event on other animals’ days through the year? Dinosaur day with most classic JW dinos (like Rex, Velo, Brachi, Trike). Cat day with Smilo, Smiloceph and Nemys (or other cats if they are ever added, MLion isn’t a cat). Bird day with phorusrhacids or pterosaurs. And many others! Any ideas?


like it. yeah all they did was put a lizard scent in shop.

There was a lizard epic strike too. But those were amphibians…


Yeah I know. Exactly same as year ago

That’s it…

I swear, they’re getting lazier by the minute.

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Literally none of the lizard day creatures are lizards…

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I’m seriously hoping there’s things like reptilian day with the boas, tortoises, crocodiles, and “lizards”.

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Reptilian day could be an entire week instead of day heh :turtle:


Hope that these wishes can come true :snake: :lizard: :turtle: :crocodile:

It’s probably because Lizard day just happened to be on a Wednesday.