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If there's one thing I want with the next update

It’s the end of the immune meta. I am absolutely sick of fighting teams full of fully immune hybrids all the time. Erlidominus, Yoshi, Ardentis, Gemini… Please let me try my Spinoconstrictor’s abilities.


Let the snake be king for once! :snake: :crown:


Make Manda great again!!


I was just hoping they’d fix the supply drop bug. That’s all I care about at the moment.


Don’t forget another monomimus nerf :wink:


Nah there done with mimus… it’s now rhino


Good point… what way do you think that monolorhino will get nerfed? For me my guess is that they’ll probably change its null strike so basic, change distracting impact to normal impact, and its definite impact to delayed rampage, then swap lethal wound out for defensive stance.

I think it would be great for the dilophoboa to get a slight health and damage buff, like no one will die by a dilophoboa it’s weaker than a common tanycolagreus

Here here! I need my green snek to come forward!

Immune is far too prevalent, I agree. However, I find it in a sick twisted sense of humour that the game’s first real ‘meta’ was tank-based. Except instead of armor tanks this time, it’s IMMUNE tanks, and with the addition of boosts, many things are practically as good as tanks due to their kits having dodges/cloaks/stuns/distracting abilities to further mitigate damage that their improved health totals can actually support past the previous one or, at best, two abilities that would actually land on them.

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Yeah, Monomimus is so overpowered, they need to give her at least 3 more major nerfs.

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He’s already great

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We don’t need anymore full immunity but I’m okay with the partials.

I just want bug fixes…please…


A tweak to gemini, Yoshi and indo gen 2 would be nice, same with fixing match time outs. Knowing the devs though they’ll create another poorly balanced monstrosity and ignore the existing issues with the games code.

Migration, zone rotation, bugs fixes,


Everyone: “Get rid of immune meta!”
Ludia: Nerfs Monomimus since it’s immune


Dino max level 35

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I think complete immunity should be removed and every dino should have 2 partial immunities. Next patch is ideal time to make these changes since there will also be overall creature balance. This would remove almost all arena problems and we would see much more variety in arena than now.
Also possibility to remove boosts without 50% loss after each patch would be extremely helpful for all of us. Or at least releasing some kind of unboost token item from time to time which we could use to unboost dino we would love to change for another could be a compromise. The problem is many of us dont want to unboost due to 50% penalty and players are forced to use the same 8 over and over again which makes this game very boring and players leave :roll_eyes:
@Ned could send these suggestions to HQ and devs :slightly_smiling_face:

Buff dilophoboas damage to1300