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If they tried to make Geminititan look good in raids

They missed the boat totally!!

Since they made Geminititan pretty much useless in PvP, the only hope was for the “Group Invicibility” to give it a somewhat suffisant edge in raids. And to make sure that it would show up well, they obviously gave us 3 out of 4 raids with dinos that cannot break shields which was not due to luck for sure… (Yes, other than taunting Mortem, Gemini is not that useful for that one!). Well, after 2 weeks, I have not yet seen one Geminititan being used in raids… Another poor dino that got hit by the nerf hammer a little bit too hard, to add to the list.


Kooolaborugiana always had instant invincibility, therefore it is good for Gemini to get it

I’m not complaining about instant invincibility, I’m just saying that I think that Ludia gave “Group” invincibility to the poor Geminititan in the hope that it would make it the preferred tower for raids, but it did backfire on them, even if they gave us 3 out of 4 raids dinos that cannot break shield… Have to admit it would have been nice to have a tower specialized in PvP and the other tower specialized in raids… Too bad

Gemini still seems useful in arena at least for me, the instant distraction would have been useful to have back though.


I think it’s fine except for the loss of HP. 6000 could have stayed just fine.


Gemini was nerfed way too hard. Imo he should keep 6000 HP, 1400 DMG and DSA without delay.
I’m fine with the loss of distraction, because chompers should be Gemini’s counters. I also understand 2 cd on his 2x. After all it’s aoe and would be too strong in raids


He’s barely useful, suddendly became probably the worst creature in my team. He was the best in 1.14 …


In mine he’s one of the biggest damage dealers, took on Tenontorex, Erlidom, the Smaximas that don’t invest in speed, the Erlikospyx, and some equal level Magnas that aren’t boosted to the sky. I only boosted its attack to T9, nothing else boosted on it. Can also put quite some hurt on Trykos / Dioraja.

Gemini should be among the best for it’s exclusive DNA. It’s very far from that now. It’s disappearing from the the shores. Even Maxima’s little brother/sister Ardonto is on par with it. Ludia should be ashamed of this nerf.


In my unboosted team…

…he’s best at nothing. Ardentis is just better at everything. Dio and Tryko are tankier while doing higher damage. Vexus deals with tanks better than him. Tenrex too. Orion deals with speedsters better. Monolorhino is a swapper so I won’t compare, for me he’s just overally more useful.
Maybe because Gemini’s underleveled, but Monolorhino’s too and he’s still better. Investing in Gemini still requires exclusive DNA. Idk if I want to keep him in my team. I’ll look for replacements, maybe Lania :thinking:

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I didn’t boost my Ardentis’ attack, which is why my Gemini’s doing heaps of damage, at lvl 26.

And if it cannot kill the opposing critter, at least it slows it down for my next one.
I am having doubts about upgrading smaxima’s attack at the moment because it feels busted, I’m prepared to invest in Magna first. (watch as Ludia nerfs Magna for no reason whatsoever).

Lania is even more useless now, also a shame for Ludia

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Lania doesn’t seem to be useless. She looks like a great tank with decent offensive pottential

Agreed. Lania is worse then Gemini in the current PVP arena. At least, Gemini can do some damage. I benched my lvl 24 Lania, but still use the lvl 24 Gemini (unboosted)

Depends on what you usually face of course, but you’ll probably enjoy lania less and less when you climb as it’s so much about taking down big Max and Tryko.

I’ve fiped and fiped for my almost-30 Gemini, but it will never get the last fuses if the crappy stats remain

Lania can’t be slowed by these, so can do at least PFS+RR combo. Of course only if you predict when II is coming

I’ll for sure at least give her a try. If she won’t work, I’ll bench her. Just like I did with many other creatures in 2.0

Just… forget about raids. Arguably the worst part of balancing in this game until now is taking a very specialized, kinda-endgame, small portion of the game and reworking skills around it…
I can’t decide between unboosted lvl 22 Gemini and lvl 24 Lania for the last slot on my team. Both now look pretty bad compared to the threats they were pre-2.0. At my level even a 23 slightly boosted Gemini was an “oh, no no NOOO” sight for me when my opponent plays it. Now - I can’t even find an opponent who’d play it

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Yes, you may be able to take on an unboosted Maxima, but this is mostly because you boosted Gemini a lot! Otherwise, even if it’s slower, Maxima has 30% crit and 15% armor, and Gemini has only 5% crit… Let say you take two lvl 21 dinos… After two turns, Gemini (health= 4230) would hit Maxima (health= 4700) with about 3000 dmg… In return, Maxima would hit back with about 4070 dmg… But if one of those two hits get critical, you’re already dead… Now let say he is unlucky and doesn’t get critical, you still don’t kill it on your third move (an extra 1050dmg, so total about 4200dmg on Maxima 4700 health… Maxima would then finish you all the time… So, yep, you’re right, a boosted dino can beat an unboosted dino… But not the case if they are at the same level by far.

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