If tryko had inmunity would be the definitive dino

Seriously i down my rank so hard since tryko is in most of the teams right now, even a lvl24 one can wreck my entire team included lvl29 indoraptor.
I wasted all my t rex dna leveling indominus, elridominus and indoraptor in the past and i was happy, but now i want all my dna back to have a tryko too haha.
That dino is clearly overpowered, we never saw anything like that even in stegodeus age, he have everything a dino want except inmunity, dont know why ludia dong give him that, why not? What can happen?
1 turn distraction is op, when you crit more than 1k whit each counter attack, simply he only have 2 random counters bleed and inmune, and even they can be oneshoted easily.
If you dont have those 2 types in the match and enemy have a tryko, better off your phone lol.

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Odd timing of your post, I just leveled indor up to a 26 minutes ago. It was over 30k velo, ouch. The whole time I was thinking my ankyn is a 19 and trex a 17, what am I doin? What’s done is done, 10 more for thor to be a 23 so hopefully he helps out the situation lol.

Yes thor can help, i have mibe at 24 and i think in this week i will have at 25 (90 dna left) but everytime i open whit thor i get faceroled by a lvl 27 utharinex or dilonacheirus hahah

He’s got his downfalls for sure, seems they all do lol.

Indo generally does pretty well against Tryko especially if you can hold on to that cleanse move. Another good counter for Tryko is a lower level Tryko. The big stuns of Dilorach area problem for Tryko too usually. Good play with a comparably leveled Stegocera can put down a Tryko if the stuns land too.

Im loking guys whit general underlevel dinos like 25 trago or 25 stegod or 25 indoraptor in top 100 only cause they have a lvl 24, 25 tryko and utharinex those guys before 1.5 were in 300 500 range, thats cant be a coincidence, sadly i think the next candidates to nerf hammer will be tryko and rinex, thats why i focus on underwhelming dinos like was elridominus or dioraja before 1.5, literaly 6 of my 8 underwhelming dinos was bufed in 1.5 lol

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Just seen sino is in next week’s line up too. Unrelated but thought I would share.

i saw ludia is inventing a new unique soon…if it 's not from junk dnas (i mean grypolyth, a legendary but marked as unique), it might be a reborn stego or monomimus

Nerfs are coming!

A dino that is too good may not be the right choice for long term players. I don’t have it and by the time I can create it, it will be nerfed for sure.