If Turtle = Winner

Then this is a stupid tournament. How does Ludia allow an OP creature define the battles so much.

Who is in charge here?


That’s not entirely true in this tourney imo… If you have a big trex you’re way more likely to win. The only turtle causing havoc is the lvl 28 boosted one from what I see.


Yeah IF

Or maybe it‘s just me who never draws a chomper when facing a turtle but instead gets a set of speedsters. Yeeeeeeey…

Yeah any of the chompers Allosaurus, Tarbo, and the big T ‘s can make short work of the turtle. As Sixty-Four said it all depends on level doing alright at the minute with my plain Team of level 20’s I‘m not banking on getting majorly far, but happy to get enough to get a bit of the Boa. If you play it with that mind set you will enjoy it more and won’t get so frustrated and probably win more. And if you end up battling any overpowered teams don’t press battle straight away when you lose you could end up playing them again leave it a minute or two :+1:t2:


I’m running 3 chompers myself. Carbo has not been the deciding factor of wins where I am. Top 60-70 area. Almost nobody has a carbo over level 20. I did face a level 20 carbo with a few boosts though, I won that match also. Carbo is not the deciding factor, there is a player with a level 28 boosted carbo and I believe its tuco from this forum. I bet that thing is deciding battles. But a lvl 20 carbo… no way. I’m seeing level 27-30 trex even some with boosts on top of that level and one of them straight up 3-0’d me. Without blinking lol.

I also agree better to look at it as bonus fun rather than some stressful environment.


On top of that it’s free entry your not losing anything by entering :+1:t2:

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Rex Tarbosaurus Allosaurus Marsupial Lion Epic Crocodile…

Need More counters?

I hope they keep the free entry stuff going. Seriously. It’s so much better to get everyone involved for free. Rather than hitting us up for some hard cash lol.


Tuco was a part of my team and left the game 10 days ago

But who else has a lvl 28 boosted up Carbonemys?? Does his in game name start with a P? Or he changed it. It’s got to be Tuco lol. I’m not going to show there game name if they wanted to be left a lone but this is the same carbonemys he showed before he left.

One does not simply forget that Carbo. I admired it heh.

Any armor piercing dino with higher or equal level can beat Carbo. I used Miraigaia to beat the opponent Carbo. Was funny to see us both slow and chip each other’s health.

I got 3-0’d by a Carbo because I drew no armor piercers.
However, I also 3-0’d a team using a Carbo in similar circumstances.

It’s not unbeatable if you have the lion, rex (or similar) in your team. Miragaia, if leveled well, can.stand up to it too.

While not unbeatable, Carbo is definitely one of the strongest / most useful critters in the tourney.

I kind of wish Carbo wasn’t immune to DoT, as I think being susceptible to that would make it that much more balanced.
It would certainly make Woolly Rhino a lot more relevant in this tourney!

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Considering the turtle can cleanse itself,I see no reason why it shouldn’t be susceptible to DOT.

Most of DoT users don’t have armor piercing damage so it can be used as swap in meat shield when you can predict opponent movement such as Lethal Wound or Gashing Wound.

Well, at least I sometimes use it that way XD

Level 10 marsupial lion beats level 20 turtle

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You want to know what I’d rather fight carbonemys over?
Marsupial lion.

People like to abuse their overpowered dino, so nothing will change. It’s just the way things are.

The only thing that bothers me with turtle is that immunity to DoT. Way too many immune dinos already, just makes people throw more boosts into chompers.