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If VIP creatures had hybrids

What do you guys think? If VIP Creatures had hybrids? How would they be,what would their stats be like? What kind of hybrids would you like to see in VIP ?


Health: 15078
Attack: 7906

Amphibian becuz we need them

We need more Pterosaurs

the new pterosaur hybrid between zalmoxes and pteranodon just came out

We need amphibians more than pterosaurs…currently Gorgosuchus does the most damage as a amhpbibian…at a whopping 2,300 dmg. The next best one is Ostaposaurus which is worse than indominus. We have Metriaphodon, Tapejalocephalus, and now Zalmanodon for Pterosaurs.

while those stats you listed are beyond ridiculous and they shouldn’t knock indoraptor off of the #1 spot I agree we need a stronger amphibian hybrid

We are fusing creatures that are beyond tournament creatures.

Indoraptor gen 2…

wont indo gen 2 just on the same level as indo but with more health less attack though? thats what all the other gen 2’s are apart from mosa who is more attack than health

and while i respect that you are fusing 2 vip’s i feel as if that will never be the case, maybe vip and normal legendary and that would make something thats 2 tourny level but not 2 vips

I’ll be crying my heart out even more if they give proceratosaurus a hybrid. It already breaks my heart seeing it as a vip exclusive since proceratosaurus is my favorite dinosaur.


Yeah…50k for just one. Gotta hurt to not be able to max your favorite dinosaur.

Proceratosaurus has an extremely OP and broken hybrid in Jurassic World Alive, in JW Alive,we have Commons,then Rares,Epics,Legendaries and the best as uniques,It is only an epic,but it is game breaking and takes on Legendaries and Uniques like a joke. Indoraptor Gen 2 is a legendary but is better than Indoraptor,a unique.

Apatosaurus hybrid would be good, it’ll probably have the most health in the game, but the worst attack in proportion to its health. A truly great herbivore meat shield