If we can see it, we can do it - (raids)

These are the days I don’t like. Today this is the only Apex on the map a half mile away. With winter coming and it being already cold I may forgo getting out to grab these. Thank goodness they haven’t shrunk the circles or I may not reach this one at all across the river.

Please consider making the raids so that if you can see it and poke on it, you can do them. Either this or make them part of sanctuaries.



If the pond gets frozen it will be fine…


I second the motion… I would rather remove them from the map and have them in a menu, but at least, being able to select them even if they are outside the circle would be nice. Great suggestion.

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I have a huge reservoir part of which takes up around a third of my range, always seems to have rares/epics, cash boxes etc in the middle of it! That’s before factoring in that a third of my range is basically a dead zone.