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If you are developer what dino you will rework

I want rework dilophoboa change pinning strike to distraction from dilophosaurus and change ATK to 1300

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4200 HP
1250 DMG
5 crit
10 armor
116 Speed

Definite Strike
Mutual Fury
Armor Piercing Rampage

Immune to DoT and Stuns

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About design I’d say Spinosaur he’s so ugly

But about balancing man there’s way more than 1 to rework

I would make bleed relevant again.

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I would rework quite a few.

There’s a ton of dinos that need reworks. A significant chunk of the game.


Loads of them. The most important ones are buffs for many underpowered epics, legendaries and uniques


Tbh nonhybrids also deserve reworks, but unfortunately both Ludia and players don’t care about them. It’s bad because of three reasons:

  1. Nonhybrid tournaments are boring because only few creatures are viable
  2. Lower arenas too
  3. Buffing a underpowered nonhybrid may also result in buffing it’s underpowered hybrid. For example, a Anky buff could be used as a buff for Rajakylo and Ankyntro too. It’s the most important reason for me

Monolorhino. It needs better stats, better moveset and better niche.

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Developers don’t change dino specs, that’s the job of a designer or game designer, admin, sales person, project manager or CEO.
Developers just write code and don’t make decisions like this :slight_smile:

Suchomimus, he has a very strange face

I would rework my professional perspective.

That is too harsh. Moth would be unusable

It’s still usable like that, it does better against dodgers now now that it has DS to bypass evasion, it still has MF to deal with speedters. My entelomoth is now more of a stronger entelodont rather than a destroy everything now that it has lost some dmg and PFS.

Definitely rajankylo. There should be no reason a hybrid that uses 2 epics is that bad.
Here’s my idea
Superior vulnerability
Extended critical strike
Long protection
Instant invincibility
Armor piercing counter


My rework is exactly the same lol, except I gave it Ferocious Shattering Strike (33% buff) as a basic. I even calculated all the relevant matchups for it.

It seems crazy that so many dinos are irrelevant. There is no logic in having a roster of creatures that are useless, yet that’s what we have.

When you look at every category there are a few that shine, a few that are just ok, but the majority are hopeless.

So I would drastically improve so many mediocre dinos and make them useable. Shake things up and make battling more interesting.


Pretty much any garbage stepping stone legendary, such as Dilophoboa, Koolabourgiania, Monomimus, Ankyntrosaurus or Rajakylosaurus.

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Actually maybe monolorhino too…

All the old ones, commons, rares, epics and a rework on alanqua, Darwin and ptera species

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