If you are in battle and the buttons don't show up, click where they were supposed to be. It'll work


They’re there, just invisible.


Doesn’t usually work if it happens to me. First thing I tried. Thankfully these issues only rarely occur for me.


Had an issue for the first time where buttons were visible such as when he brought in indom so i switched to mine to counter his cloak but when I hit cloak the button activated then vanished however the attack didnt go through so i figured he hadnt selected his attack (he had it was a glitch my side) had to quit and reload back into the battle to fix it. I was spam hitting it when it dissapeared :man_shrugging: i wasnt mad i know new games have bugs. People forget how bad pokemon go was for months


They are cloaked! Still there! Try and remember which were which!


Oh i know trust me i know I was hitting the cloak spot :joy: it was just a wierd glitch (it wouldnt even let me hit a different attack) it then let me swap to stegod and it did the same thing with attacks but restarting fixed it although by that point it was a guranteed loss eventhough my tragodist took out the indom


Sometimes the buttons shrink too. So if tapping where they’re supposed to be doesn’t work, try a little lower.