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If you block the 8 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hour incubators 100 random boost costs 1330 hard cash

If your incubator slots are full, you can block yourself from getting whatever the next incubator is.
If you speed up the incubators won in battle you get a small amount of random boost based on the incubator.
A 15 minute costs you 3 hard cash = 1 random boost.
A 3 hour costs you 30 hard cash = 2 random boost.
An 8 hour costs you 80 hard cash = 3 random boost.
Battle incubators drop in a pattern of 3hr, 15 minute, 3hr, 3hr, 8hr. To open this all up it is 173 hard cash to get 10 random incubators. Every 5th time you get an 8 hour you get a 12 hour or 24 hour instead with the 4th time being a skip. Pattern is 12, 24, 12, 8. The 12 and 24 hour cost 10 hard cash per hour but give no boost. So if your slots are full you won’t get them. This lowers boosts cost. If you buy everything it averages out to 1940 for 100 random boosts. Skip the 12 and 24 its 1730.
Skip the 8 hours and it is 7 random boosts for 93 hard cash. This averages out to 1329 hard cash for
100 random boosts.
Skip everything but 15 minute ones and its 300 hard cash for 100 random boost, but that is a heck of a time commitment.

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For some reason I don’t understand. Do you speed up emediatly after starting? Also I don’t get what you’re saying about skipping. I’m I being an idiot or what?

Just wait, tomorrow incubators will offer even less to no boosts once they see this.


How does the cycle and skipping work? I’m very confused.



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You can’t “skip” an incubator in the cycle. Even if you have full slots, if you open one up and play again you’ll get the next inc in the “cycle”


That’s what I thought. So what’s this about?

you can also skip while your 12 and 24 are running. or your 8s, if you want to save cash.

Skip meaning force open other incubators. But you’ll eventually get back to an 8, 12 or 24.

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Ok thanks for the clarification!

yeah. i meant force open. you cant skip.

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good thread. its cheaper then buying but if you buy aswell you still have more lol.

Actually cheaper than previous price of $13.33HC per boost, plus you get extra stuffs.

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