If you can create the most OP dino

Let’s do something fun and go wild with our creativity and imagination on this one. If you get a say in creating the most OP hybrid ever:

  • What dinos will you fuse with?
  • What kind of skills will this OP hybrid has?
  • What will it look like?
  • Anything else?

trex + trex g2
•40% armor
•40% crit
•moves: gashing defense shattering strike, stunning defense shattering impact, defense shattering rampage long invisibility, ability to morph into your dino with 2x damage.
•133 speed


Shin Gojira. Nuff said.


All you’d see in the Arena view would be a HUGE foot. This thing is 300m in height. It defies hp. It’s for all intents and purposes a living GOD. When using its atomic ray attack (100% chance of crit, instant immolation of everything in the arena), the screen shows this as a bright blue flash, then resolves into a scene of ruin, where everything is on fire, including your opponent. Oh, did I mention that there’s also a DoT from radiation - if you actually survive the burning, that is…

The horrible, horrible burning…


Nessi or Nessy it doesn’t matter.

You can’t find its DNA you have to buy the incubator.
Its only skill is lurk in the loch has 100% evade and an attack of 1 by passing armor and shields.
Its immune and has 1 health. Which is more than enough as you can’t hit it.

You will die terribly slowly.


Rodan. Basically the strongest megahybrid ptero ever. (In a sense, any time you mash together dino DNA to build hybrids, you end up with mini-kaiju, so I took this to its logical conclusion. Megahybrids. Mixing 2 or 3 Uniques to create a true giant monster that’s so OP, it isn’t even funny.)


Hp: trust me, you’re better off not knowing.

Speed: Mach 2, so… yeah, it’s safe to assume that it’s faster than common Vraptor.

Defense: People just usually run screaming from this thing, due to the incredible size, but hey - if you think you can take it on in battle, go ahead.


Crushing swoop does 3x damage

SIA - Ready to Crush

Typhoon Rampage - wings create typhoon force winds that can hurl objects at opponent, doing 1.5x damage per hit. Claws rake target for extra 3x damage

Speed Bleed - flies past opponent at top speed, causing instant 2-turn stun as the sudden atmospheric pressure drop bursts their eardrums, and pops their eyeballs for 2x damage at automatic crit, as well as DoT for 4 turns.


Sounds like a fun idea!

Indoraptor + Utasino (I would pick Utarinex, but aesthetic matters lol)

Skills: Immunity, 40% armor, 130 speed, crit 25%, and maybe SIA swap in Invincibility. We did say op?
-Defense shattering strike
-Defense Shattering rampage
-Instant Charge

Features: Indoraptor covered in beautiful blue peacock features. Makes the default raptor noises when poked on the screen. 100% fluffy and cuddly.


And deadly. You mustn’t forget deadly.


why not the indoraptor smokers weasing laugh as the sound??

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This one has no real use in combat, the only reason to have it is for adding insult to injury after nearly obliterating your opponent’s team.

The ultimate troll hybrid - Minira!


His only 2 abilities are endless dodge (80%), and merciless taunt, where he pelts the opponent mercilessly with smoke rings that have a 90% stun. SIA is confusion strike, which distracts and does a whopping 12 hp damage. His sound FX would be the braying of a donkey, as in the classic Gojira movies.


Rajakylosaurus + monomimus

Hp: 4200
Attack: 1050
Speed : 121
Def: 30%

Evasive Strike
Short Defense
Distracting Rampage
Nullifying Impact

Counter-attack x1

No the most op but fun i think


Haha I think half of the intimidation from the Indo is the sound it makes. I want to give the impression that this Indotahsino is cute and cuddly. Like a giant teddy bear with teeth. I thought about Indotahsino having the little chirps that monomimus/galli/ornitho makes, but then I couldn’t take the dino too seriously after that.

Imagine the Indoraptor sounding like monomimus :joy:



When chosen as your starting dinosaur, kills 3 opponents dinosaurs


It’s Nessie! I’ve told you this before…


No, it was me… I called her by the wrong name earlier :joy:

Definitely a legendery nessie%20smiling


Dude I freaking love you!!! That is by far the craziest, most insane, truly beyond epically bada$$/coolest answer to somebody’s topic I have ever seen!! If they “did” do that (even tho I doubt it, regrettably) I’d vote HELL YES!! to this in a New York minute!!! : ) Shin Godzilla & Legendary (2014) Godzilla FTW!!!

Yeah you did! Who is she? :unamused:

RNG? LOL what’s this “RNG” you speak of?

(Uses Atomic Ray Strike, MK-ish voice speaks:)

“Shin Gojira wins. Ultimate FATALITY.”

She : nessy :slight_smile:

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