If You Can See It, You Can Do It - Raids

Today, this was the only Ceramagnus on the map.

Take it that I don’t mind walking because on warm days, I walk 2 miles in the morning, and 2 miles at lunch. It’s just I live on a busy road. No sidewalk and there is no walking once there is snow. Waaay to dangerous.

My complaint is that on average, it takes 15 weeks to just unlock an Apex creature. So if you reliably do these every week, non-stop, it is going to take just about 4 months to unlock these. I can get out there now to grab these and bring them back home. Then I sit with 3 other accounts and do them.

On the map below, that is a quarter mile walk to grab it and half mile round trip. Nice day, no problem. Rainy or snow? Do I really want to get in the car and drive to where ever these pop up and bring them home?

I only had one day in the last 3 weeks there was no boss on the map but can you make it so that if you can see and poke on the bosses, you can do them? At least for winter? These Apex bosses are only in range maybe 1 out of 3 days.