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If you can’t beat Arena droppers... Join Them!

Just played 15 battles… in Low Aviary and all opponents I faced were 5600 trophies to even 6200… smh…

My trophy level is between 4500-4700 give or take.

All opponents had 4 lvl 5 dinos or lower and then 4 lvl 26 to lvl 30… every profile I looked at after had this team make up…

Even though I have had enough with this matchmaking loophole… No more complaining

So Since I can’t beat them… I am doing it as well…

Arena dropping here I come!!!


Usually I don’t mind encountering a few of them but it’s true the place is infested. Apparently the new timer mechanism in the highest arenas means a ticket to disaster for lower Arena players… They should be able to play in their own arena using their regular team without all sorts of restrictions just because Ludiacrous wants to make more money by selling boosts at Ludiacrous prices instead of having those players grinding boosts trough the incubators. Too bad…

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I’m around that zone too, but this is the trophy level my opponents are:

My team:

At least your lucky… but I am at peace now… I managed to drop several arenas today myself and all is well now!

Just checked mine as yours look familiar. My trophy high was 4924.

I am currently at 4859. I feel this is about the high cap for my team/skills. I think I would be 4750 – 4800 as my trophy range. I do swap the crew around a lot but all are about the same unboosted ‘strength’ at around level 22.

Today’s Opponents:








No shutouts but there were two opponents with 25 – 27 crews. Two opponents whose crews were lower level and the rest were pretty good matches, strength wise.

Yeah those are around the levels my opponents are too. A lvl 28 Sucho was probably highest I’ve fought so far. I don’t remember if I beat it or not.

I’m pretty sure they just dropped to Gyro.
No point in dropping lower.
Ludia will probably do tinkering with it Monday.
When everyone is trying to get out of Shores it’s an Ooops moment on their part that needs immediate attention.
They will probably make all arenas 120 seconds or something.

That’s what I’m guessing too. Except for the upper elites who will remain at the very top I can see many Shores players dropping a little to avoid the 120 sec timer. Maybe an easy fix would be to restore it all back to 30 sec and place a daily cap on boosts that can be hatched. Oops…sorry can’t do that. It would effect their bottom line with less forced incubators.

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It could be handelt easy by ludia:
When a player presses battle the game chooses four Dinos out of his 8.
THEN it search’s a fitting enemy by trophy’s, Dino strength, speed and limited by Dino level. Kind of.
An arena dropper will never find an enemy which forces him to choose weaker Dino’s for his team so he can take part in trophy battles again.

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I intentionaly droppet from 5100 to 3890 so i can do my mission for alliance incubators easy-er, but i also wanted to see how is it like in the lower arenas. And i can tell you that there are A LOT of Phorusaura, dsungaia and einiasuchus hybrids, i saw even a 19 sino :neutral_face: and most of the time when i was in lock. estate and jur. ruins i mostly fought 21-19 level dinos and very rare 17-16. And no, i didn’t play with my almost full team of lvl 24 erlidom or maxima or… no no no, im not that person.