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If you can't fix park spawns, then revert back to pre-park glitch scents

I’m sure I speak on behalf of the majority when I say we would rather have glitched park spawns than no park spawns from scents at all. The fact that this hasn’t been fixed yet is baffling.


They were calling it an exploit (even though the reroll gave us local trash or global stuff). Now we can exploit it freely huh?


I didn’t even think it could be considered an exploit. I mean, if you get a local spawn after darting the first park creature than this is not the result you wanted in the first place since you are using a scent to get park dinos.

I thought it was a bug. Definately not an exploit. I didn’t go to a park and drop an epic scent to get a local spawn… what kind of line of thinking is this?

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One so they can continue to hide the turtle and make it the most wanted DNA. If anything ludia is exploiting their players by continue to sell us their lies


I don’t see how this isn’t a P1 issue. Back when Ludia used to put specific dinos on certain incubators (let’s say Trex on the chomper’s incubator, for example), people made the point that this was false advertising, since the incubator did not guarantee Trex DNA.

I’d say this is almost the same thing: If I were to purchase and use an Epic scent in L1 and get only non-L1/non-global epics, I’d say that the scent failed to produce promised results and I’d probably submit a ticket for a refund. Using one in a park and not getting park spawns is, in my mind, equivalent. @Ned?

EDIT: Just to clarify, I see this is a “known issue” per some other threads but I’m questioning the priority.


I think they can fix it but they just want to lock us the turtle to sell it in incubator etc otherwise they would have put it in events like they allways did after update with new dinosaurs…

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Certainly not an exploit - last epic scent I used in a park spawned two Pteranodon (of which I had 0 DNA) - I could have cried when one changed into a Pyroraptor (of which I have 10K+ DNA). An annoying bug but preferable to the current situation.

Just got my turtle to L15 thanks to FIPing and the 3 I got spending 4 days (yes - 4 days, for 3) in / on the edge of a park.

At least now there’s something one can’t buy and actually has to work for.

Here we go again with this nonsense…

I forgot all the boosts are from grinding, right? I forgot in order to get full level 30 teams and continously stay ontop of the meta from continous switching of buffing/nerfing dinos instantly does not require grinding. Hypocritical at best comments are not needed and are part of the reason why the forums are so cancerous. Most of the top players grind for their DNA. The fact you had the audacity to say that shows lack of respect to those that give the most to everyone in terms of content/Dinos and everything else. They poor their sweat, money, time and everything else into the game. Just to be disrespected??? Get out of here with that crap.

These players should be given respect on the daily because without them YOU have no game. The end