If you could change just three things?

Ok this thread is going to be about listing the 3 things you personally would change or remove from Jurassic World Alive if you had the power.

Ill start!

  1. Swap-In Attacks
    (Though id leave the swap in shields and nulls and distractions)
  2. Speed boosts
    (I would leave the health and damage as its the speed that causes imbalance when things that are meant to be slow are made fast, Thor for example)
  3. Implement 12 dinosaur teams instead of just 8 (As Noz has suggested in the past)
    (An 8 dinosaur team was fine when the game launched because there weren’t as many dinosaurs, but now we have tons and need more room!)

:100: % agree. Swap in strike should stay that’s it. :raised_hands:t2: But from a business point of view will never happen they make too much money from boosts, and it’s a business at the end of the day. Shame because they have ruined it if I’m honest. I’ve only ever invested in VIP. I still play because I’m that addicted and keeps me going at work :joy::man_shrugging:t2:


12 dinos would be cool. They’d make more money from that aswell haha

  1. Speed boosts
  2. Attack boosts
  3. Health boosts
  1. The rat
  2. dracocera
  3. Dracorex and triceratops fused could probably be removed from the game…

I’m a collector and battles are not my thing. I have to, to get coins and incubator only Dinos.

1, So I want to get rid of incubator only Dinos, or at least don’t have to get in the higher arenas to get them.
2, I would like boosts to go. So it comes down to doing the math again in battles. And that’s not my thing… blugh Math…:woozy_face:
3, I would like more positive threads / comments on the forum. Let’s try to give advice to each other how to handle a situation in stead of attacking each other. :blush:

  1. Remove or severely nerf boosts
  2. Remove or severely nerf boosts
  3. Remove or severely nerf boosts
  1. More Non-hybrid dinosaurs, Not completely removing hybrids, I absolutely love some, but some more non-hybrid dinosaurs would be nice.

  2. Reduce the price of the incubators in the store, they’re extremely over priced for the mostly pitiful contents.

  3. Lower the coin cost it takes to level up dinosaurs.

*Adding on to my 3.

  1. Add another skill/passive ability to make Tank creatures more meta.

  2. Let people pick what creature they want for the Hybrid-Pursuit. Doesn’t have to follow a pattern, could just pick and choose 3 random hybrids from all rarities, have us, the community, vote on the creature we would want.

  3. Allow us to pick the arena we want to battle in. Not necessary the arena arena, but if I want to battle with, say the Carnival background, I should be allowed to, a change of scenery in the arena would be nice.

I’ll add more on when I think of some. :smiley:

  1. Fix (and improve) chat
  2. Remove boosts altogether (or at LEAST reduce them to 50% once more)
  3. Improve dodge (50% to dodge 80% & 50% to dodge 20%)
  1. Actually make a meta relevant Pterasaur or buff a couple to make them meta relevant

  2. Sort out the arena problems. Yes this is vague but we all know there is something wrong. I mean yesterday I had a 8 battle loose streak and I only won the last battle. Came on a couple of hours later and had a 8 battle win streak and lost the 9th and 10th.

3 Change the alliance mission rewards.
This one does not need an explanation :grin:


1 No boost
2 No Nerf
3 No Patch 1.7


No more boosts.
No more dailies - want to see locals again.
No incubator exclusives.

  1. Remove boosts. Not necessary, blatant cash grab and make teams stagnant.
  2. Swap in rampage removed from game, regeneration no longer removes bound, acute stun changed to stunning impact.
  3. Alliance tools added for leader to prospect manage alliance.

Agree with each and every one of them :slight_smile:

Revert match making to 1.6
Fix Magna
Fix Tuora

  1. Remove boosts.

  2. Dinosaurs are already hard enough to get based on rarity so remove the difficulty of darting higher rarity dinosaurs.

  3. Reduce number of new hybrids and focus more on prehistoric animals.

  1. Remove boosts .

  2. Remove swap in rampage and regeneration , thus getting shot of the rat .

  3. Remove Instant charge which is effectively just a second go free and makes dinos that are already op even more so .

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Change alliance rewards

Add alliance leader tools

If keeping boosts allow them to be swapped between dinosaurs in our teams as new dinosaurs etc are coming in

  1. Pull Ludias franchise license and give the game rights to a decent and capable company that doesn’t use lazy ass “Set it & forget it” programing, that doesn’t nickle and dime the playerbase or have a background in RNG based slot machine games.

  2. See number 1

  3. See number 1

  1. Remove boosts.

  2. Allow users to select an arena to fight in and receive DNA from after they’ve unlocked them.

  3. Change Dracocera’s moveset. No more Acute Stun. No more Regenerate. Add in “Strike”. A simple moveset with little else. Still powerful and useful in strike towers, but no longer a nightmare. Use it well or suffer the consequences.