If you could change just three things?

Alankylosaur would be relevant…

If Thor wasnt such a big problem

  1. Remove regeneration on the rat and change its swap in to swap in shattering strike

  2. Rework the entire matchmaking. I was doing just fine until 1.8 dropped

  3. Allow Aviary and the 3 new arena to have arena exclusives. Heres my suggestions:

Aviary: Dsungaripterus
Lockwood Library: Scolosaurus
Gyrosphere Depot: Diplodocus
Nublar Shores: Blue

  1. remove completed strike towers from the map. Just like once you collect a treasure chest it turns to a regular supply drop. The strike towers should do the same. Remove Completed Strike Towers From The Map

  2. add a battle arena mode for players not using stat boost. If you use stat boost you still have your own battle arena mode. If you want to play without your boost they can be temporarily disabled until you switch back to the other battle mode. Implement 3 Battle Modes

  3. add alliance leader tools so we can monitor members activity.


A few more things -

  1. Last Online info viewable by alliance leaders.
  2. Top donors list.
  3. Alliance officers with some tools added to help with their job.

There’s obviously some bigger things that most likely won’t ever happen. So I will be realistic. I have more than 3 lol bare with me xd I also can’t help but to feel like I am just speaking into a void using my time to type on here… Anyway.

  1. Change Dracoceratops swap in move to strike 1x damage and regen does not remove pin.

  2. Redesign Pachy/Smilodon hybrid. It is ugly. This is a dinosaur game… isn’t it? Any future hybrids with dinos/cenzoics should not be over ruled by cenzoic dna.

  3. Fix matchmaking because progress is still punished. My lvl 23avg team doesn’t deserve to go against lvl 27-30 dinos with boosts.

  4. Rebuff Magna what was the point not only is it a rat magnet. It’s one of the hardest dinos to get and no need for the nerf.

  5. More normal type dinos carbonemys perhaps. Many other options…

  6. Fix indo and indom with new striking cloak evasive moves. They’re fairly useless moves right now.

  7. Alliance tools

Sorry more than 3.


#1. Make the arena your in based on your team level and strength instead of trophy’s. This way we can make teams of any level and play other teams in that level range and arena. Going up in arenas is then achieved by leveling your team.

#2. Adding from #1 only pit your team against other teams in that arena.

#3. Have arena exclusive dino’s in incubators you will always receive for incubator awarded in that particular arena.


Hi there

  1. Buff Magna, it’s a rat magnet as said above, and totally hard to build, I find 3-4 times wild T-Rex (epic) for one dimetrodon (rare) that’s non sens.

  2. Make indoraptor a real beast again, it’s the legend of the films so it should be one in the game too. (So change the update on dodge and evasion)

  3. Kill all rats or at least decrease his dmg.


1 lower speed and dmg on the rat and change rampage to strike

2 once you complete a arena you can choose that arena to get the rewards for it and see the environment while still fighting some trophy players

3 add tiny dinosaur like compys or micro Raptors that give you something of value in game such as coins, in game cash, or DNA

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  • Nerf Dracocera

  • No more Incubator or Arena Exclusive Dinosaurs

  • This is a big one: Rework how the arena works, I don’t just mean matchmaking, I mean implement multiple arena ladders. Keep one as it is now. Keep one as it is now–but unboosted. Make a ‘Commons only’ Arena, make a ‘Rare and Commons only’ arena, Make an ‘Epic and Below only’ Arena, etc, alternatively just make a ‘Common only’ ‘Rare only’ ‘Epic only’ Arena setup, I don’t care if they have trophies, trophies mean nothing to me, but it would be fun to give dinosaurs that aren’t usually used a chance to shine. Bonus if these still count towards daily battle incubators. Implement an ‘Unranked Arena’ system, where it works sort of like a friendly battle: whatever dinosaurs you use are boosted to max level. Again, I just want a chance for other dinosaurs to shine or to be able to play with odd dinosaurs without really having to deeply invest in them. Also because with multiple arena setups, maybe finally people would stop complaining about boosts.

If anyone here is familiar with competitive pokemon re: Smogon, I figure the Common Arena, Rare Arena, Epic Arena, etc setup would allow certain dinosaurs to shine in the same way that competitive pokemon tiers (LC/PU/NU/RU/UU/OU/Ubers) allows even the ‘worst’ pokemon to have a chance to show off their unique abilities without being pummeled into the ground by pokemon in the tiers above them, ofc I’m not expecting Ludia to do the sort of in depth work that many tiers would require, but I figure a simple rarity based arena system would do a decent job of simulating the idea of it.


1- remove boosts for sure
2-nerf the rat and restricting all SIA to 1x damage
3-nerf instant stun on utahsinoraptor for stuning strike


true I haven’t even seen 1 deinocheirus since 1.7 and I LIVE in L1…

Really? That thing is in swarms around here. I don’t live in that zone but when I go out to play I go through a few and they’re everywhere. The one I struggle finding is rare erliko. I always see the rare dracorex instead.


I somehow get many Deinos from 5/50 scents, but as for one outside of that, never. Majun after majun too so it’s a crappy trade.

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Funny how it works, I work in L2 and see Erliko 2, but haven’t seen Draco for months it seems.

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  1. Fix the mm and algo. If it is too complicated, try removing boosts, or at least speed.
  2. Scents should attract the daily dinos.
  3. See above, pretty much all of what has been mentioned.
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  1. Reduce Draco to 1X rampage and delay or remove regen. No skill using the rat and it’s becoming bigger problem in higher arena (more than Thor)

  2. Improve Dino migrations or change locals more frequently. Tired of seeing same Dinos over and over again in my local area.

  3. Remove speed boosts or reduce their %. Speed has removed all tactical play and made battles less fun.

  4. Increase to 12 playable Dinos. As mentioned previously, it would de-emphasize ‘stacking’ boosts on just Thor and Draco like everybody seems to be doing now and add more variety. I don’t buy into concept people will just use same 12 Dinos. Even if they did, at least it would be more variety.

  5. Change how boosts affect a Dino based on common, rare, legendary, etc. Similar to his sanctuary works with dna you get for interactions, boosts could have same varying effect with Dinos. Higher amounts go towards common and scale down as tier goes up.


Every local spawn is a struggle for me

Mostly dailies here, + when I use scents I get nunda or irritator gen 2

  1. Alliance mission defense requirements (flip takedowns and battles, reduce incubators by 25%)
  2. Remove boosts
  3. Multi-fuse for hybrids

The 12 dinos thing actually will make things worse because the haves will now have 12 boosted dinos and the have nots will only have 8 boosted and 4 mini boosted. Assuming Ludia continues to be greedy and not reset boosts.

Very short term it will be quite fun then as boosts are sold, the whales will have 12 boosted dinos and those who cannot afford to keep up will get run over.

If we switch to a 12 dino team, a reset is needed. Either a total removal or a partial refund and a drip release of boosts. The boosts make the teams just make spread out and less OP individually but not collectively.