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If you could change the stats of a creature, wich one would you choose?

The recent Ceno rebalance got me thinking about stats changes for Jurassic creatures. Is there any cresture you’d rebalance? This could be either because of strategic reasons, or just “this thing awesome and deserves better” reasons.
I for one, would buff Suchoripterus. It’s so weak for a legendary hybrid. I mean, a level 20 has less attack than a Pteranodon. How is that possible?

I’d also make Therizinosaurus a heavy hitter instead of a health tank (not because it’s unbalanced, but because it’s pretty much taylor made for a high attack dino. Just look at it)

Also, make Argentinosaurus a legendary. Because the game’s biggest dinosaur should not be one of it’s weakest.


Totally agree with Suchoripterus it is way under powered:

Especially when compared to the cost and your other options.


The spinosaurus, because in real life it was one of the biggest carnivores to ever live, move it up to a Legendary? Add a 100 to both health and damage?


I agree 100% about Therizinosaurus, I always found his stats peculiar.

I always envisioned him as quite the opposite, high attack with relatively low health. Powerful glass cannon.

I’m biased on this choice but Tyrannotitan (one of my personal favorites) and Giganotosaurus are two that I definitely would love to see as at least super rare or higher. But understand not every big carnivore can get that treatment.


Make carnoraptor a legendery