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If you could choose one

If you could include one new dinosaur in this game, what dinosaur would it be? For me, I want to see the Ceratosaurus.

I would just want to see some aquatic dinosaurs, I know itd be tricky to show that for battle but come on, I want a megalodon!

What I’m imagining for that is that there will be an animation where a pool of water just erupts out of the ground and that’s how the aquatics would be able to fight. Idk

I just want cenozoic creatures

Imagine the glyptodon :joy: 50 attack. 30k hp. Spunds about right

cue angry anti-Cenozoic players


Lmao pretty much

If I could choose cenzoic I would want an Elasthoterium. I always thought those rhinos looked awesome

The glyptodon wouldn’t be my first choice but just imagining it in this game seems comical



No dinosaurs have been suggested. What has become of humanity? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Ill choose camarasaurus. Just because… sauropod :sweat_smile: give us more of a chance for a viable long neck unique

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Compsognathus because we need more annoying little ankle biters.


I was about to saythe same. i am really missing compys in the game and also deinonychus, because there can never be enough raptor like dinosaurs

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I hope they add it and make it smaller than every other animal in the game.

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I want a unique sauropod.

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Asking for Cenozoic dinosaurs in this game is like folks saying they’re looking forward to Gen 5 Pokemon in POGO


Aquatic dinosaurs are a definite. Can’t express how eagerly interested I am drawn toward having aquatic dinosaurs. Have them spawn near bodies of water. I was out boating last month and thought “how cool it would be if I could pop an Epic Scent & find a Mosasaurus”

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I dont like that idea.
It would just ruin the game. Going from dinosaurs to aquatics would kill the game.