If You Could Pick Your Opening Dinosaur, what would it be?


Like everyone else, I used to start with a raptor. Since the update, Stegodeus is my ideal starter, but if I don’t get it, i can never decide what to open with. Wondering what everyone else would use if you could pick your opening dino in arena 7/8?


Something with a nullifying move lol monostegotops or suchotator have been my choices lately :slight_smile:


Always my Einiasuchus. The two donor dinosaurs used to be so common its still 3 levels above everything else I have was 5 levels higher.

Really hard to build Stegodeus I want a really big Nodopatosaurus.


Amargocephalus, Nodopatasaurus, Ankylocodon, Einiasuchas. Those four are great starters. Argentinosaurus is good too.


The tanquiest dino you have is a safe choice usually, if not the anti tank dino you have


Giraffatitan, Amargasaurus or Stegosaurus are my opening dinos.