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If you don't stop people are gonna uninstall

Now i know what you’re thinking, this is another “I’m uninstalling if you don’t fix blah blah blah” and you’re exactly right. Ludia has let the arena sit and stagnate for close to a year now with almost no positive changes in that timeframe, metas get old, broken creatures get old, battle glitches get old, unfair match-ups get old, IT ALL GETS OLD. People are just about done with it, i think the only reason why most people haven’t already left is because there’s not really any good mobile games out right now that they can switch to, but when the new Witcher AR game comes out you can expect a ton of uninstalls and thousands of dollars down the drain with them. I have a theory that they’re purposely making OP creatures and not fixing glitches to keep people in the game waiting for change, it won’t work when the new good mobile games come out so i suggest you get to work Ludia.


Ludia has no options left, it’s either actually do their jobs as devs and make the game a fun experience or in a few months people uninstall for the new good mobile games, the addiction factor won’t last for much longer and you know there’s a problem when top players have their feet out the door and are looking for a reason to leave


Something needs to be done to make the arena a better place to be. So many players just do their dbi and get out of there now. Even more don’t even do that as the amount of zero scores show.

I’m just not sure what the answer is though


The arena just needs the basic elements fixed and it’s completely good to go again


There are issues with the arena, absolutely, but the main issue seems to be that people don’t want to lose and think something should be done about them losing. I don’t mean that be to condescending but you’re not losing 80% of your games or you would back slide until you were bullying less experienced players. If you’re playing every day and everyone around you is playing just as much you’re going to probably have some stagnation. I do agree some balancing would help but we just got a major shakeup and it made things fun again for anyone not wrapped entirely up is what they wish it was… easy to win

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I thought that the Harry Potter game would pull me away but it didn’t. It was too much like Pokemon and I couldn’t play at home for too long before having to run a mile to get magic or what ever. I stopped playing that in a week.

I will be trying out the Witcher game when it comes out. We’ll see how that one goes. I’ve been doing this game passing 2 years now and ready for something new.

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There is even a Walking Dead one that has been out for some time. It is quite fun because you get to shoot zombies.

It’s not the arena so much as it is balancing, if the game was balanced we’d have variety, and if matchmaking was decent (I’m all for trophy based, droppers aren’t fun, but it’s a small price to pay).

However @Creative_Screen_name has a good point. If the average library player (5300) lost 80% of there matches and only got 1-0 kills a match (as many well-established library played have stated), then they’d hit aviary in minimum 10 losses, which is plausible considering how much some people grind for that DBI and the mess library is. Such is obviously not the case, and hence why the actual balance should be prioritized over the matchmaking as even with fair matchmaking, you’d get the same stuff because of the imbalance

Im in the library yet i face teams like this ll the time. This team obviously belongs in gyrosphere depot but im facing it in lower library. Strong players are dropping to get easy wins. That shouldnt be allowed.

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De-Ranking is more popular than ever, it seems. I face multiple de-rankers a week, and it’s gotten to the point where I see one, use the yawn emote, and exit out to play one of my other games for a while. I only battle for incubators, so really I should just De-Rank to Fallen Kingdom, but I don’t. I understand why some De-Rankers De-Rank, but a lot of them have teams that don’t belong in High-Aviary/Low-Library. It’s annoying for a casual player like me.

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I’m not OVERLY worried about the arena, this just isnt my meta.
But the lack of anything to hunt is killin me.
I need new content to go out and dart.


I agree that the arena is a mess. Before this update, I was one of the few people who battled regularly, even after I got my incubator. Immunities bothered me, but that was it.

After the update, I don’t feel like doing anything past my incubator grinding. This is in part because the immunities problem is still there on certain dinos, and, if anything, they somehow made it worse with the addition of rend resistance. Then they nerfed a whole bunch of dinos to get them ready for raids (which are fun the first few times, but for me, are just “there” now).

To clarify though:
I don’t hate the arena when I lose. I hate the arena when someone gets their super-boosted Ardentis and Tryko select and I don’t get either of my bleeders. Or the reverse - the two bleeders I’ve had to put in my team (which I don’t WANT on my team, but have to have because of this mess) end up getting selected and my opponent gets a high powered Magna. Because I know I can’t win, whereas with my old team I still stood a chance, even if it was slim.


We’re also coming off of the heels of a reset, so some hectic ness is unfortunately unavoidable as of now, besides losing streaks happen

Wait what’s the Witcher game.

  1. Season reset should not be 5499 for everyone over 5500. This HAS to change. Too many people get crammed in Library because of this

  2. Add a new Arena.

  3. Change this stupid +30/-30 crap for wins/losses. I TOLD all of you that making it even for a win and loss wouldn’t fix arena. Now it takes even more effort to push forward, which means even more people are squished together.
    If anything, make it -25/+30, so there is some kind of damn variety and trophy difference.


According to a review I found of google it’s Pokemon Go fro grown ups lol

Think you collect monsters instead of pokemon and have to use potions and oils. Not too sure about using swords and signs bits. Maybe drawing on your screen ala Harry Potter.

I might try Witcher. Seems fun.

Here is what I want: To win and get my trophies. Have my raids and run my alliance. Everything else whether balance or variety is meaningless. If there is variety and I keep losing means the game sucks. If the game is balanced and I dun win, the game sucks. If everything is a mess and I win every match then the game is fun.

Raids are fun and actually interest me. Hunting is getting harder with all the raiding but I still do it. Alliance is getting a bit too routine.

You only slide so far…you forget the pity ai and it’s abilities to keep my alt account is kept suspended in sorna despit having at best. 40% winrate against real opponents but every time I hit a losing streak out jumps the ai and poof I get a win. It’s impossible to drop further then ruins without some effort… and even then as soon as you drop to ruins you get pity ai to bounce you back into avairy.

But the real problem is this you can’t have reliable match making when you have 16.5k players north of library and spread out between 3 arenas and a huge power difference.

Anyone that thinks the arenas biggest problem is people wanting easy wins… when 2 years into the games life cycle the overwhelming majority of your playerbase is still stuck between sorna and avairy. Is missing the bigger picture.

And that’s playerbase attrition is happening at a faster rate then new players are coming up to replace them.

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Doubt that you face De-rankers so often. 2.0 update with +30/-30 trophy system broke arena. Have 6 out of 8 creatures lvl 30, one is 29 and Lion is 25 (counter for Max). Since last reset i was bouncing between Gyro and Library, eventhough I could be easily mid Gyro.

Update was worst update ever for battling. Rock, paper, scizors system went terribly wrong with few too powerful jack of all trades creatures. Raids (especially Mortem raids) made arena even worse.

On one side you have battles that seems like a poker now. If you draw bad hand, you can’t do anything. No skill will prevent loss. Basically they destroyed arena and skill tournaments with 2.0 update for most people outside US/Canada. Lack of speedties makes arena better than skill tournaments, but there are monsters boosted for Mortem raids. Mortem raids destroyed arena balance right after update.

I really like battling, but after update even tournaments are pure frustration. Last coin tournament was worst. Even with best team I barely get somw wins, as rng decided that as soon as I have chance for climbing, will either draw worst possible team 4-5 times in a row or opponents got all their counters for my drawn team. Barely got into top 500, while usually I finish top 100 or top 50 in skill tournaments.

Arena is roller coaster. You either jump on winning streak or losing streak, based mostly on what you and opponents draw. For a change I’m happy we have boosts in game. Unboosted arena 2.0 would be complete disaster as we saw in unique skill tournament.

Creatures are more unbalanced than ever. Some too specialized, some worthless for anything and some too powerful. Specialized creatures counters some creatures perfectly, but get destroyed by creatures that counters them. So wrong draw without right creature(s) and you lost the battle before it starts. Fierce creatures are so bad, that most can’t even counter creatures they suppose to counter.

Hopefully 2.1 will come soon and fix battling in a way, that skill will again matter more than pure rng luck. When players like me, that like battling, start to hate battling, then something is really wrong.