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If you get matched with someone

But don’t start the conversation can you get their counterpart?

Yes. I did that once as a test, and it worked. Unless they changed it since with an update, as long as you close out of the match alert before initiating the chat, you should be able to rematch.

I cant seem to match with Nina despite being VIP every time she comes up and swipe right nothing

I had that issue. She’s apparently a bit shy. They told me that if someone likes you but you don’t start the conversation you won’t be matched and let the timer run out. Also if a counterpart likes you, you have to wait for them to run out and then you can match. It took me a few weeks to match with Nina

I’ve swiped on her three or four times now

Took me almost 10. Make sure you aren’t in a conversation with Antoine or Noah

Now I feel bad cause I manage to match with everyone I swipe right on the first try. :fearful:

:scream: Sounds like a loop error that needs to be fixed. Has it been since an update or?