If you had ONE question, what would you ask Ludia

Mine would be- "other than obviously Day/Night/Dawn-Dusk, are there times during the day when dino spawns are controlled (Ex. extended/throttled back on Epics)?

What would be your question?

My question would be “where is the strike event schedule for next week?”

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My question is:

Why for the bloody hell does a strike event gallimimus dodges 5 times in a row, costing me an epic incubator?

Like… If that is not of an abyssmal chance, nothing is. Little motherlover survived with 326 hp :angry::angry::angry:


I was thinking a bit ‘bigger picture’ but I’d be curious on the next SE as well.

Ouch, bad luck

Are the chances of receiving all epics from an epic incubator equal ?


Great question. I think they are local related, but I may be wrong.

can i have 1,000,000 in game cash, 10 million coins and all dinos unlocked at level 30?

Question: Are there still Devs working on this game at all? Since you know, serious game fixes haven’t been done on bugs from launch and no updates or news from them either.


The scents are for sure, but incubators aren’t.

(Referring to the 24 hour epic incubators we get once in a blue moon from the arena)

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Sorry, read too quickly.

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If you had ONE question, what would you ask Ludia

what’s the office’s biggest dic ann’s order?

same as above… when will all the bugs be fixed?

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My question?

Why so serious?

Lol j/k, but seriously id ask if they are any closer to fixing the bug in which dinosaurs get stuck in supply drops!


YES!!! I mean, that frustrates me too!

They don’t get stuck in supply drops… They get stuck in used up strike event towers… :smile:

Yeah thats what I meant lol.

Personally I just think the dinosaurs are looking for a nice cosy nest, as they’ll do look like nests a bit lol

someone said that before but i looked and i never see any eggs :thinking:

Maybe during an Easter event? :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm didnt know they celebrate Easter