If you had ONE question, what would you ask Ludia

seriously though, for that reason i do not run any scents around those things… lost an ouran that way once.

Mine is a two parter,

  1. Why doesn’t pryoraptor have a flamethrower attack?
  2. When will flamethrower attack be added to pyroraptor?

I know that’s what you meant; just being obnoxious! Good question, by the way!

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hes not a dragon…

Still magical to me bro

he makes you bleed fire lol or lava

my question is : can i refund…?


My question:
Why does the first green supply stop I spin everyday gives me 44 darts?

My question would be…

What is Ludia considering as fixes for the Arena match up issues?

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My question would be: Why are you so greedy? (Referring to decreasing event drop points, reduced epic spawns, giving useless contents in incubators, matching us with opponents 3-5 levelz higher dinos, overpriced incubators, reducing total content of teasure chests, overpriced coins for levelling up dinos, ridiculous amountz of DNA to grinx for dino level-ups/hybrids,…and so on)


How much revenue does Ludia make from JWA each month

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  1. Why don’t we have a recording battle option to report cheaters?
  2. Why don’t we have a button to quickly obtain DNA when mixing creatures? (have tons of dna of each dino but it’s a pain to click on the create button over and over again)
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