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If you had the choice of the final present of T-Rexmas what would it be?

If you guys had the choice of the final present of t-rexmas what would it be ?(Not Mastodon)
Let’s give Ludia some good ideas for next year!

If I had my choice, any of the 50K VIPs. Don’t even care which one (although getting the new kanga would have been particularly “stunning”).

If not one of those, second choice would be any of the tournament hybrids, just because they are so pricey.

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What do you think the Special gift for New Years Day will be?

I’d open a vote for a non-in-game Dino the guys would like to play and then I’d put him in the game, giving everyone a copy on the 25th or the first day of the year.


Ideal T-Rexmas present?

The elimination of MODs.

Second place would be the elimination of the 40 DNA and non-hybrid rewards from the Modded PvP prize wheel.

Third place would be restoration of the three custom trades per day for all VIP players. They should get what they paid for.


Smilodon for @Mary_Jo would be lovely. Or better yet have an upcoming unlock event for it.

I personally would really love to have an Acrocanthosaurus.

But suppose a brand new critter would be the nicest surprise. But I’ll take a Mastodon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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One of these guys!

I always really wanted a Zalmoxes. Like…for a longgg longgg time. Oddly enough, when I was scrolling through my “not owned” list this weekend I saw that it was available for 7k DNA. I thought that there is nooo way it’s actually available.

I bought one. It was in the hatchery. Couldn’t believe it. I bought 4 more. Sped one up and it was a marvelous moment.


In the most recent update he was added to the Level Unlock list I believe. Congratulations. :wink:

Also really hungry for Lythronax and Megalosaurus…maybe this week’s torunament?

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@HanSoloWannaBe - I like your list! I was thinking solely along the lines of a single free dino, but frankly any of these would be even better!

@G-ReptilianFoot - Nice of you to think of me, but yeah, unless it’s the unlock it won’t be much help. Hopefully we’ll have one soon in the new year.


Suppose it wouldn’t be expected for the Mastodon to count as an unlock? That’s what I was hoping for. :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for explaining. I was perplexed. I’m glad I bought a bunch of them.

For me, Zalmoxes was one of those dinosaurs I could never seem to get. I don’t even think the stats are that great on her but in my mind she always represented a top tier dino. Kinda like how people view the Yut.

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Unlock is wishful thinking hahaha.
That would be incredible though.

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You know what we should get for t-rexmas… :t_rex:

No, yes, yes.