If you have a daily quest to choose gems or coinage, on the choice screen add quest icon

Daily quest says “choose gems/coins in challenge to receive card”.
On completing the quest you may be presented with gems and coinage and by then you’ve forgotten which one you are supposed to choose.

Just as you have the small quest icon on dungeon doors to hint that you need to go in there to rack up quest kills/encounters, also have that small quest icon on the gem/coinage card you are supposed to collect.

You may also want to add the quest icon to party members when there is a quest that requires particular members to complete said quest.


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I like that, but what would just as good is if they told us our current progress in the middle of a run such as:
current quest: kill 85 skeletons. If you already have 40 killed it should say 40/85 done when choosing a room.
The same should go for results screen when picking rewards.

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