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If you have new game feature ideas

If you have new game feature ideas, there is a survey asking for those ideas on the Facebook page for Rise of Berk right now. Below is what I asked for. What other ideas does everyone have?

  • I’d be super excited to breed dragons, including hybrids. If we could breed dragons to develop favorable traits, it could be a game changer for everything from food - wood - iron production, to defense and brawling. This could evolve almost every aspect of the game in a way that just creating more dragon level can’t. If we could trade dragons with other players for other dragons or collection items, it could create an amazing new social aspect to the game. If we could also brawl with other players, then it could also create another social dynamic to the game.
  • I’d love to be able to train more dragons at the same time. Right now I tend to focus on leveling dragons that produce resources. So dragons involved with brawling, defense, quests, etc. all tend to languish. With another 3-4 slots, that would all improve.
  • Amber statues that enhance iron production would cool. That feature could just be added to the exist statues.
  • More journeys, and maybe even adding quests for the newer dragon riders, would be great.
  • You gave us a new sawmill recently, which was appreciated. Having another fish would also be super appreciated.
  • New quests and achievements would be a nice addition.
  • Maybe this is silly but I’d like to be to plant trees and bushes and move them where I want. The islands feel a little barren without that.

A friend of mine asked me to add another idea for making the game more user friendly. The idea is to tip a user to resources that the could immediately be harvested to feed or train dragons, or upgrade facilities, instead of first trying to sell users resources. It’s always nice to have the option to buy more resources, but at least some users would rather actually be out of resources before offers to purchase resources are presented.

Not silly. I mentioned that some time back. Decorations that are actually decorations (i.e. have non non-aesthetic function) can be bought for wood/fish would be awesome. For the longest time, I had space that I hadn’t fully cleared of trees just because they looked pretty.

Yeah, it’s strange having different numbers of slots…


Thanks for sharing this with us here, TySmith. :slight_smile:

It would be great if the resource rewards for brawls could recognize when your basin is full of one resource or the other and avoid giving you that resource. I’m petty much always maxed out on fish but will get it as a reward sometimes five times in a row. Far more than half of the time. Even if it were every other win was wasted itd be better than seven out of ten wins wasted, they don’t come as easy as they used to.

Speaking of brawls… I would really appreciate if the odds of token cards were adjusted to make it more likely to get tokens for lower grade dragons. (This can still account for the different tiers, e.g. by having two lotteries; first, only for what tier a token will be, then for what dragon of that tier, with the latter one biased toward low grade dragons.) Right now I seem to get far more tokens, proportionally, for my highest grade dragons, WHICH I AM NEVER GOING TO UPGRADE because doing so is actively harmful. It’s really ridiculous that I have 6,000+ tokens for one rookie and can’t get 100 tokens for another.


New user here so don’t know if this the right place to post this but I would like to suggest a feature that gives us an option to get 5 or 10 Polished Amber from premium packs because right at this point, the game gives way too less of an amount to get all statues or upgrade them. Please consider this and pass this to the dev team.
Speaking of upgrades, maybe allow to upgrade the legendary statues so that we can increase their effectiveness further. Thanks

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Hey radam237, I’ll bring up your suggestions with our team. Thank you! :smiley:

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Thank you for the reply @Ned. I was thinking of my suggestion and I thought an alternative would be to give us a few Polished Amber while releasing Premium Dragons (just them only). Since these dragons are mostly given only in packs, I think it would be kind for the devs to give us Polished Amber for releasing such elusive dragons instead of Raw Amber. Other dragons will still give Raw Amber and Fish but maybe Premium Dragons will instead give us Wood and Polished Amber (to balance out the resources as no dragon gives wood upon releasing). Now if they implement Premium Packs giving us Polished Amber directly, I guess it would be an easier thing to do right off the bat because as I play I am realising how hard it is for us to get these things.

There needs to be other ways to earn raw amber. I don’t mind the time it takes to make the polished amber but at the rate it takes to earn raw amber how many years is it going to take to level up 3 statues to level 5?? Yikes!! A little absurd. Forget getting other statues!

Having to spend ruins to upgrade the academy for levels 135+, again, a little steep don’t ya think? Especially when they all take one day minimum to upgrade one level.

It would be nice if there was an option to trade in wood, fish, iron and amber for each other.

I have been playing this game some it came out. It’s my favorite. I don’t even share it with my kids, lol. I love it. Just some quirks that need ironed out. Thank you!

Yeah, I’d trade wood for amber in an instant. I have something like 24G wood in my mailbox that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to spend. (The only way I could plausibly spend it would be to log in every ≈75 minutes to gather iron… but then I’d just max out on iron. The only way to plausibly spend that much iron would be to burn runes like nobody’s business to speed up dragon training and to buy fish to feed them to levels where I can spend wood/iron on training.) Every gauntlet it gets worse…

I totally understand where you are coming from. Requiring 3 amber statues at level 5 is a bit egregious. When the ability to trade for multiple pieces of polished amber first came out I cheered. Soon I realized that it just meant that I ran of raw amber faster, and I wasn’t actually generating polished amber any faster. I quickly went back to trading for a single piece of polished amber at a time. When I calculate how much amber it takes to get a single statue up to level 5, it comes out to 450 pieces of polished amber. The total to have 3 statues at level 5 is 1,350 pieces of polished amber. If I assume that I can trade for a total of 3 pieces of polished amber a day, which is definitely optimistic, then it will take almost one year and three months to get all 3 of those level 5 statues. And that only works if you are only spending polished amber exclusively on those three statues, and they keep creating statues that give you different advantages, which encourages you to spend that polished amber in other ways. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the advantages the new statues are providing (such as reducing training time, I love that one), but it does redirect polished amber. So yeah, having more and different opportunities to earn lots of amber is something that I would absolutely applaud.

…why? The only benefit to trading single pieces is if you use ads to speed up the process (which actually will let you convert amber faster). Trading for multiple pieces at once just means you don’t have to micro-manage the process as much. The only reason to want to convert amber more slowly is if you like micro-managing.

If you don’t use ads, it takes 4 hours to convert 1000 raw amber to 1 polished amber, regardless of how many you do at once. Yes, if you don’t log in every 4 hours, that means trading for more than one at a time will make you run out of raw amber faster, but you’ll also get polished amber faster. Raw amber on its own is only useful for turning into polished amber, so I really don’t see why you wouldn’t convert as many as you can at once unless a) you have insane amounts of raw amber and use ads to convert faster, or b) you want to micro-manage the process as much as possible.

This way I polish amber at approximately the rate that I earn it. Unless I somehow quickly earn a stockpile of amber, converting multiple pieces at once usually just means I end up running out of raw amber and having nothing to convert.