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If you have new game feature ideas

If you have new game feature ideas, there is a survey asking for those ideas on the Facebook page for Rise of Berk right now. Below is what I asked for. What other ideas does everyone have?

  • I’d be super excited to breed dragons, including hybrids. If we could breed dragons to develop favorable traits, it could be a game changer for everything from food - wood - iron production, to defense and brawling. This could evolve almost every aspect of the game in a way that just creating more dragon level can’t. If we could trade dragons with other players for other dragons or collection items, it could create an amazing new social aspect to the game. If we could also brawl with other players, then it could also create another social dynamic to the game.
  • I’d love to be able to train more dragons at the same time. Right now I tend to focus on leveling dragons that produce resources. So dragons involved with brawling, defense, quests, etc. all tend to languish. With another 3-4 slots, that would all improve.
  • Amber statues that enhance iron production would cool. That feature could just be added to the exist statues.
  • More journeys, and maybe even adding quests for the newer dragon riders, would be great.
  • You gave us a new sawmill recently, which was appreciated. Having another fish would also be super appreciated.
  • New quests and achievements would be a nice addition.
  • Maybe this is silly but I’d like to be to plant trees and bushes and move them where I want. The islands feel a little barren without that.

A friend of mine asked me to add another idea for making the game more user friendly. The idea is to tip a user to resources that the could immediately be harvested to feed or train dragons, or upgrade facilities, instead of first trying to sell users resources. It’s always nice to have the option to buy more resources, but at least some users would rather actually be out of resources before offers to purchase resources are presented.

Not silly. I mentioned that some time back. Decorations that are actually decorations (i.e. have non non-aesthetic function) can be bought for wood/fish would be awesome. For the longest time, I had space that I hadn’t fully cleared of trees just because they looked pretty.

Yeah, it’s strange having different numbers of slots…


Thanks for sharing this with us here, TySmith. :slight_smile: