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If you pay in EURO do not buy any of the offers

Everybody paying in EURO: Do not buy the offers. Ludia is just ripping us off.

22500 hard cash for $99US (equals 88 Euros) is actually costing 104,99 Euro (equals 116,94 $US).

How, where is that a fair price?

I was just about to buy the offer, when I found out about it. I’m so glad, I’ve cancelled my VIP and you won’t see one more EUROcent from me.


I’m sure it’s just another honest, “gross miscalculation” on Ludia’s part.


So 105 euros for pixels is a ripoff, but 88 euros would be totally different?



No, the ripoff is, that they offering huge chunks of their playerbase a significantly higher prize than those paying in $US for absolute no reason.

I would understand (not like, because not fair, but understand) if they would charge equal figures (99 $/Euro) - which they actually do on the small offers.

But charge even more in Euro is just - to me - like a slap in the face. And I won’t have it. And Ludia won’t have my money.

These dinosaurs are canadian, it’s not easy to transport dinosaurs across the ocean!


There are always some sales tax and conversion to price points. Rarely are prices just currency conversion. Who even knows the fees charged to change currency by the playstore and appstore. Were the prices generated by stores or Ludias choice.

Question is does the customer want the service for that price.


Sorry, but this is defending a lost cause and not to my point.

The small offers ALL cost the same figure, the BIG one (which I/we/the real spenders all would buy) doesn’t. That’s nothing to do with taxes, conversions, blabla.

And we - normally - do not know about it. I only know, because someone sent me a pic of their offers in$.

My answer got flagged and won’t be visible until - I don’t know.

Point was: They charging the same figures/amounts for all smaller offers.

But they charging significantly more for the one big offer. The one, which most of us buy if they deciding on buying.

That got nothing to do with taxes, conversions or else.

And 2nd point: We don’t even know/realize normally, as we only see our currency.

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Well, thats something I would actually really want know.

There is even a difference in UK Pounds between countries - @Heather and I worked out ages ago that players in Scotland pay more than those in England; how is that fair? Don’t know if it still applies.


Out of curiosity. And I’ve bought out the lesser coin offer what are people seeing.

Not that I would ever actually give ludia another penny anyway.


That extra £5 on a case of cash is huge.

Well, that makes me wonder how that insight applies to your first answer… ?

I just found out, that we’ve got different prizes in Euro as well, within the same country.

194,99 - 109,99. Which is 5 Euro. More ore less same “hugeness” as pounds.

And 109 Euros/Pound compared to 99 $US. Well, if that’s not huge, I don’t know…

Still sticking it to Scotland then :roll_eyes:

Answer got flagged again…

I found out, that we got different prizes within the same country in Euro as well. 5 Euros more. Which is more or less the same as pounds atm.

And now compare that 109 Euro to 99 $US

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110€ for me.

So americans get these for way lower prices than us europeans and on top of that they have way better tapjoy offers.


So we know for a fact now, that ludia is using “dynamic pricing”.

One factor there is actually using an apple device (which is supposedly presenting more purchase power).

Question: You 5Pound/5Euro more people: Are you using apple?

Last i looked into something like this Ludia has nothing to do with the prices. They ask the App store (Apple in the instance I looked) for a set value price for their offer. Apple has their own way to price this based on projected conversion rates and sometimes local taxes for such purchases (thank your politicians Taiwan).

Well, doesn’t explain, why two people from the same city pay different prizes.

But I would actually really like to know, if that’s a ludia or a store thing.

Ludia is still taking advantage, if it’s a store thing, though