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If you played your own game

You’d understand why “waiting for opponent” all night sucks so much. Alas it’s to much to ask, any dev team to invest their time into actually playing. Starting to really consider canceling vip. Just so it cuts nightly pvp farm time in half. By not chasing that second battle chest. I’m already past the point of caring. If I ever buy another card pack/chest/gems or not. So that’s no longer an incentive to keep vip. I might try tanking into a lower league. So my win rate goes up and cuts out the time that loading loses takes up. Plus I might find more players before a bot is eventually created. I’d just end up back where I’m at though…

FYI the optimal strategy is to hit your natural cap (or League of Dragons) and then tank a few leagues.

You optimize your time, which you should value, by getting to decide which fights you want to win.

I like to AFK until 3 party members are dead before playing to win in earnest. Seems most “fair” when I decide to go tank.

The PvP experience is much better and you complete the chests much faster.

My other recommendation would be to lose to human players but always win against bots. Because human v human matches are a zero-sum game, by beating AI and not losing to them, you add more trophies into the total sum of the PvP trophy count.

Something has to give. Spending 1/3 of my time in the waiting for bot screen is unacceptable to me. If only the devs valued the players time…

Right. At lower leagues wait times are also dramatically lower. The game really isn’t very fleshed out for the most mature accounts like yours unfortunately.