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If you pretend to have lost your connection as a tactical move

You deserve a battle where each choice of move from your opponent is delayed untill the last 2 seconds.

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I’m curious how you deal with this in the arena. Personally I don’t like players wasting my time with this.

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How do you know if the opponent is doing it on purpose or not?


The only time I purposefully do this is when I have a speed tie I would like to go second on. Typically a tryko v tryko situation. That will 99% of the time guarantee I go second.
Any other scenario I dont do it on purpose. For me it takes time to readjust a plan if something way unexpected happens.


I agree with OP except in this situation. It is a legit and acceptible stratagy when used in certain counter - attacker situations. All other times its awful and lazy, I would almost consider it “abusing a loophole” which is cheating.

Now obviously if we are having connectivity issues/glitches there’s nothing you can do, this is why there is this much time in the first place. Also as has been mentioned, people can get distracted.


It certainly happens. Giving them the time is what they want anyhow, right?
Or is it for speed ties? Because, when I fall for this trap, there aren’t any speed ties.

Had one yesterday. Opponent was using Strike on Thor waiting till last two seconds. Hit both times through evasive, second time critted to kill my Indo. So I decided to try it out with Erli. Suddenly pressed DSR in a second. As I didn’t have anything to counter that Thor anymore, just waited till time run out and yawned during waiting. I don’t care about losing, but play normally, don’t joke and waste other player time. Don’t complain when you get served with your own medicine.
It you don’t have time for battling, don’t search for battle.

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And unfortunately you cant pin down who is doing it intentionally all the time. People get distracted, glitches prevent people from using moves, and even budget phones will eat up your time. (My boyfriend’s phone takes 20+ seconds longer to load a friendly battle than mine.)


How do you know that they didn’t have an unstable connection? Going for DSS in that situation makes no sense.

With me it hapens too but when I AM facing an indoraptor gen 2 or Ardentismaxima and thor

Searching for opponent with unstable connection is same as if you don’t have time battling. Though doubt it would happen at start of battle. Only possible explanation would be phone call.

Though doubt opponent would only miss 2 turns.

It’s happened to me a bunch of times, no phone call involved.
As for the number of turns it lasts for, that’s variable.

This isn’t a strategy for the actual game (controlling dinos) but another head games played

Unless you have really fast phone it’s almost impossible to get back in game, losing only one turn. On turn one you probably recognize the bug and restart app.

You don’t have to restart to continue playing though. All I normally do is wait for my device to catch up. That’s what the “Don’t press any buttons” sign is for.
Sometimes that doesn’t even show up, but the game continues normally after glitching for a turn or two anyway.

Connection errors are a thing. I’ve lost a lot of turns to it, only to return one (sometimes two) moves later.

In this case their first Dino was Indoraptor gen 2. The first two moves timed out into the cautious strike and the next one was a defense shattering rampage in a few seconds. This is a thing among players that use Indoraptor Gen 2. I’ve seen this happening too much to be a coincidence.

I think so. If you would play your moves thinking the opponents connection is lost, then your choice might be different then when you expect them to play mind games. It happened to me when this trend just started.

Now I always assume the player is playing mind games. And surprise surprise In about 90% of all cases the player throws their high damage move fast as soon as it can kill your Dino.

And if I’m wrong and the connection was lost then my opponent won’t know I am stalling and throwing yawn emoticons. Right?

I’m sure practically everyone uses Indoraptor G2. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before, and apparently, neither have most of the forum users on this thread.
While it might seem unlikely that it is a coincidence, that doesn’t make it impossible.

The chances of being matched up against a player that uses this strategy multiple times, when we haven’t encountered them before seems just as unlikely.

I feel like context os extremely important. If internet is the problem then of course we should have players that can connect at the same rate as others. On the other hand, some players like to wait out the timer because of tactical reasons(going second for priority moves are really beneficial for you)

That’s what I thought at first. But the current arena and it’s players proved me wrong. Just as this is now a strategy so is arena dropping for ‘fast’ wins and quick firing of emoticons. It is strongly denied by the most hardcore users of these type of strategies.