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If you’re in what should be an unwinnable situation

So I found myself in what was a largely unwinnable situation: My boosted lvl 29 Mammolania, unboosted lvl 30 Stygidaryx, and unboosted lvl 27 Dracoceratops vs an unboosted lvl 30 Gryposuchus.

I kept my Dracoceratops in reserve because I had no idea what my opponent’s fourth dinosaur was, and I generally don’t like swapping it in unless I’m confident in pressing my advantage or it can get me out of a bad spot.

So, because I didn’t have anything that could reliably destroy Grypo’s shield and armor, I took full advantage of my Stygidaryx’s and Mammolania’s superior speed and resistance to Swap Prevention by swapping into my Stygidaryx, use Cleansing Swoop into Mammolania, use Dig in Taunt (as it was at half health when Gryposuchus came in), swap back into Stygidaryx, swooped into Mammolania, Dig in, rinse and repeat until the turn counter was up and declared me the winner (since Gryposuchus was healing and cleansing just as much as I was).

Moral of the story I guess is always know your resistances and how to best exploit them to get yourself out of a bind.

Although I suppose another takeaway could be why Gryposuchus, Mammolania, and Stygidaryx should have at least one more offensive move.

Like, Gryposuchus’ No Escape passive renders Immobilize rather pointless since neither can really stop creatures with 100% Swap Resistance anyway, but if it had Greater Stunning Strike or Impact, it could give it a greater offensive capability without making it a total monster. Or if Mammolania had Definite Impact instead of Taunting Bellow, or Stygidaryx had Lethal Wound (or some kind of Impact move with a slight bleeding effect) could have had a more decisive impact in this particular fight at the very least.

Although I must ask, has there always been a turn counter?

No. It used to be matches were no longer than 10 minutes. Then I figured out the hard way with grypo vs grypo that there is a turn counter


How the hell do you guys get your dinos to that high of a level? The highest level dinosaur I have is a level 20 Miragaia.

Most of my team are all lvl 29 and lvl 30 Uniques. Just been playing since shortly after the game launched, managed to get to a point where I could take on every boss and tower event, darted just about everything on the offchance I needed it later, invested in some unconventional teams and creatures that ended up working really well in the long term, and was generally around to take advantage of certain exploits.

Best piece of advice I could give is never level up anything past level 20, because it will eventually get hybridized, except for a handful of legendaries like Trystronix and Monostegotops (since they won’t be and Trystronix is not only a pretty powerful creature overall, it’s incredibly useful in the Mortem raids). Always focus on the types of creatures you need over what you actually want, and generally go after the hybrids whose ingredients show up pretty often in your area.

Thanks for the advice. But… I forgot which hybrids have the dinos which show up the most. XD

I recall somewhere in these forums is a list showing what dinosaurs will appear in certain areas at various times throughout the day, and whichever non-global commons show up more frequently around you is a good indicator of which area you’re in and therefore which Rares and Epics are more likely to show up that aren’t related to the bi-weekly hybrid pursuits.

If you find it, or someone brings it up, keep it on hand the next time you go out darting. Then you’ll be able to tell which hybrids you can more easily acquire.

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