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If you unmatch with someone

Can you match with them again? Or are you unmatched forever?

yes u can match with them again if u already started talking to them! the chat will continue from where u left off! if u unmatch before talking to them u can match with the counterpart

So if I unmatched before talking to them I can ONLY match with their counterpart? Not them?

both as long as u dont start chatting with them when u get matched but once u start talking u wont be able to get matched with the counterpart

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When you match with a character their counterpart remains in the profile pool even if you’ve started the storyline with the one you chose to match with, so you can swipe right as many times as you want on the counterpart though you cannot match with them if you’ve already started progressing through the storyline with the character you chose.

If you want the counterpart instead of the one you chose, then you cannot have progressed the storyline at all as Eugenia_Wong stated (you will know that you haven’t moved the storyline forward as the 24 hour timer will still be displayed when you exit out of the conversation).