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If you use dracorexG2 against me


You win, but it’ll take some time since I’m going to set my phone down and go do something else for a while.



Thanks! 10


I do the same thing if I know its a loss for me.
All dracog2 need to burn.


I also do the same thing. I will still try to win, but I will make the game as long as possible by letting the time run all the way down. You want to win by a cheap shot with no counters, you are going to wait.


We have nicknames for a lot of the dinosaurs. Our nickname for Dracorex Gen 2 is Cheapshot. :smile:


theres counters. its very satisfying to lock that little bugger down and torcher it.


Looking forward to the possibility of the 2 turn lock for sure…


Just thought I’d share this for you draco g2 lovers :smile: I absolutely agree with op and would do the same. I honestly just see it as dirty play :man_shrugging:t3:


In my opinion, the pinning strike does not count as a counter. That move just makes sure it isn’t used again. Every other swap in move can be countered (although having the right dino to counter that the particular SIA is rare). Swap in invincibility - nullify, swap in ferocity - nullify, swap in bleed - cleanse.


I did just realize the SIA of just attack, but not 2x, break shields, bypass armor


asking for to much there lol


Being able to pull off DG2 once and twice is big difference. Usually is between losing and winning.


Seriously? Isn’t that also your reaction to Stegodeus followed by Tragodistis?

My initial thought was that you are petulant. But there may not be a dictionary handy so I’ll simply say crybaby.

Let me know beforehand that we are about to battle so I can avoid using SIA or cloak or an immune creature or switch to Megalosuchus. Or anything unexpected.


For players with lower dinos,using swapping technique is only way to get round indominus etc,


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JB. Haven’t seen you around much. I do the same thing when one of them trots out. I get my most op Dino so I can gut that nasty troll. When it explodes in a red death I dance around my bedroom and occasionally throw in a twerk if feeling frisky.


I dont understand this philosophy? How is it a cheap shot?? Its the way the game is designed. If you think it’s so good, then go get one yourself. If you hate it and think it’s a crappy way to win, then strategize ways to counter it. That’s all part of the fun of the game. Otherwise, it gets pretty boring.


its a cheapshot because its a one turn lockdown. youll understand once they change it to two turn.


But that’s not cheap. It’s just the current design. When they change it then shift strategy.


It’s a cheap shot because the is literally no counter for it. Yes, there are other SIA dinos but none that do 2x damage and can take out a whole Dino with barely half it’s life gone. Then they run and come back and do it again. There is no strategy or game play to it.