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If you use dracorexG2 against me


I will if I know I can’t kill it, but sometimes this happens.

Otherwise yeah. It doesn’t make me mad. Just sad at the swap in and out abuse. Just like early raptor spamming.


Everyone that uses it, you are nothing more than a guinea pig in a market research experiment :joy: :rofl:
“Hmmm… what gen 2 common can we do this to next, then nerf it and say thanks for the coins” - Ludia

Go ahead, spend 2M coins leveling the thing. Sure without it, you’d probably never have a chance to win a single game (that’s why you use it), but you’ll get what, 50K-100K maybe by placing in the tournament. Great investment :+1: :joy:

Please make sure to drop all the way down to training grounds where you belong though when the tournament is over.


Dracorex Gen 2 is the new Raptor, and all the complaining about it is the new “Nerf Raptors” whining.

It’s a strategy. I adapted, and since I’m a pretty poor player I’m betting the rest of you can adapt, too. I just expect that everyone has the option of having one on the team so when my dino gets into the “danger zone” of a sneak attack like this, I switch or plan accordingly.

That way I lose because of how I’ve always lost: either being underleveled compared to my opponents, at the mercy of RNG, or simply being outsmarted by a better player.

And yes, letting the game run long just to spite the other player is petulant and childish. Shame we can’t just forfeit, eh?


I still use Postosuchus, so I just LOVE when it’s with me and my opponent sends a Draco2… it’s like, free meal! And I also have Gorgosuchus, so if I play my cards right, I can turn things to my favor… If the opponent sends it with low health, it’s revenge kill time!


Just had a battle where the following happened: I was about to beat the first dino with my first… But then Draco2 SIA killed me… Sent my second, Utasino… I tried to kill it with a crit Impact but failed (didn’t crit, but took most of its HP)… he swap to another dino, I damage it with distraction… he swap again to Draco2… Kills my Uta… Opponent 2-0… But then comes my Gorgo. Ferocious death… Then comes Indoraptor Evasive-Coward-Stance… but OOPS! Didn’t work! Dead! Than I-Rex comes. Uses Cloak. I crit in cleanse!.. One of the most satisfying victories I’ve ever had.

The moral of the story is: never give up!



You’ve been warned!

(Hope you’ve seen that movie so you know what I’m talking about… And joking)


Players who are good at strategy and able to adapt will always find a way to own the crybabies, lol.

This “my time will come when insert any currently meta-relevant dino is gone” is insanely funny.

Whining will never stop.


I don’t think it’s they feel it’s keeping them down as much as it is more like… I don’t know… they wouldn’t kick a dude in the kiwis in a good old round of the fisticuffs because sure… You’re still standing and the other guy is on the ground, but something about it just doesn’t feel right.


Definition of cheap shot

1: an act of deliberate roughness against a defenseless opponent especially in a contact sport

eg; dracorex gen 2


its a selfish attempt by ludia to generate money because they know people will jump at the opportunity to get this cheapshot creature.


If they swap out, then you know they will swap in if they can make the kill. So your strategy is to swap to something faster and higher hp at the same time.


That’s not a proper counter… you’ll sacrifice a good amount of HP from your dino…


it doesnt quite work out that way. your only real chance is to have a pinning dino on your team.


It’s actually a cheap shot from the developers.
They did it knowing many would over level it, and they would nerf it next update, claiming it was a mistake.


Obvious mistake, as it is more useful than it’s hybrid…

I didn’t over level it because I’d rather have the more useful, probably buffed hybrid for more than one update cycle. Saving the DNA.


is that what the game should be dominated by? go level all your uniques to 30 and then live in fear of a gen 2 common? one that was intentionally put in the game and “just so happened” to have a leak come out that it’s getting nerfed 2 weeks after it was created :rofl:


If I can’t kill it first time, I’m prepared to swap in full health dino to finish it second time.


I have done that before and it feels good to win when that happens. Doesn’t make it less of a cheap shot on their side though.


That’s why I put Gorgo back in instead of Indominus.


No need for pinning dino. You’ll maybe sacrifice some health of your dino, but will kill that rat. Usually then their game fall apart. Anybody with Draco gen2 starts one dino down (3 on 4). By the time they bring Draco gen2 second time, they usually have 2 dinos on low health.


I also had similar battle to yours. 2 dinos killed by DG2 of the opponent but finally I won.
There were also a few times where DG2 swapped in and killed my dino, then I sent my Thor, it killed the DG2 in one shot, and this helped me get my DSR and IC ready for the coming dino.