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If you use dracorexG2 against me


This is what I find and win more than 50% of the matches.


That’s what the game has. It was never my decision to make ti that way, but it is my decision to adapt or complain.

Still waiting on that nerf, btw. Feel free to keep complaining if you’d like.


I was using this Dracorex Gen 2 on my second account. I leveled it to 10 with a bunch of other level 10 dinos. I’m not going to bother on my primary account. They are going to nerf it anyway in the next update.

Anyway, I have never had such satisfaction in using DG2 when my opponent pulls a raptor on me. 132 speed and they think they got me and… WHAM!.. I pull a Dracorex Gen 2 and mop the floor with their raptors blood… And laugh!!


Nerfs happen on the version changes, so it would probably happen in v1.6 if they’re going to nerf it, which is rumoured for mid to late January.


Sounds good. Then things will change, as they should. :slight_smile:


I leveled mine to 15 for the legendary, but keep it on my team as an occasional smack for ultra-fast dinosaurs.


Yep you just trotted out your little lvl 25 and oops I accidentally force closed the app. Darn pesky slippery buttons. :rofl:


Someone just killed two of my creatures using Draco.

He had two wins, I had none.

It was VERY satisfying.

I let the timer count down to 1 each move and swap after the first time he pulled him out.

I still won.

Very satisfying.


Using Draco gen2 against me ends like this. :grin::joy:


That part is fun


Just love when this happens


There are no counters to a dino you can’t see coming that does 2xdamage shield breaking armor piercing. You can only prepare for the 2nd swap in attack, which at that point it’s likely far to late. I agree it’s very satisfying to see this garbage strategy used and then to still win against them despite it.


IF you’re lucky enough to have already cloaked before you knew it was coming.


Draco Gen 2 actually gets stronger the further up into the trophies you go, it’s phenomenally powerful against trago and stegod, anything that depends on shields and armor get demolished. It can instawipe most glass cannons if they have any damage on them at all. Literally the only strategy against it is to always be cloaked or evasive and then even that is only 50%. Can’t wait for this stupid battle mechanic to bite the dust, it was bad enough back in the day where you could get stunlocked for ridiculous amounts of time but at least that was based on luck. I love the game but if it remains I’ll be saying bye bye to JWA.


It annoying to have any sneak Sunday punch throwed at you.

But what’s worse is a level 20 gen2 irritator in the bad lands when your team has lvl 12s

Or a lvl 19 indominus Rex in the bad lands…

Or facing any other Dino that’s many levels higher than you…

But I’m not hearing alot of noise about them.

Lvl 15 Draco does a little over 1350 damage unless critical then it’s 2000. At lvl 26 he does 2000 reg damage…

A level 15 Draco can survive 1 attack from a level 18 velociraptor.

Most times you use Draco Rex you give your opponent an easy kill.

And this is what your raising Cain over?

Honestly it’s not much of an issue. It’s a common Dino. Any one can get it any where relatively easy. It’s a solid effective finisher and anti raptor. I use him. I have used him Pre buff. And I’ve had him used against me.

Recently I’ve noticed a reduction in the number of times he is even assigned to go into fight.

But I’m guessing that he like most of the things in your life is “another cause of me failing with out it being my fault” right?


There are great counters to both Stegod and Trago, not even close to the same thing. Cloak and immunity are not ‘unexpected’ not to mention also that cloak and dodge are luck based along with stuns and crits while SIA on DG2 isn’t. Your logic is very silly but enjoy all your wasted coins when they nerf your high level common :slight_smile:


Actually, I can be fooled only once. Usually little rat gets oneshoted.


Once the dracos are a higher level, it’s really difficult to one shot them. My level 21-25 unique and legendary team generally needs a crit, unless the opponent screws up and the swap in doesn’t kill my dino - meaning the draco takes the incoming hit and the next round. Otherwise, they swap out and spam the swap again. Cheap shots galore.

Even so, I don’t want a nerf, per se. I want the draco g2 swap in to have a lockdown of 2 turns like all of the others, because that is the framework the SIA’s are supposed to operate under. Ludia has precedent with this in changing the needed Megalo DNA per fuse on Megalosuchus. At one time you only needed 50. They corrected it to 200 to operate under the same conditions as every other rare to legendary fuse.


When Draco was given his skill buff he only had one turn swap lock. Other Dino’s had only one turn too. That’s why I used him Pre buff.

If he gets a two turn lock he should be given more speed or more life.

The is very little difference between Draco play and other swap in Dino use.

It’s just a good skill.

Have I done Draco swaps 3x a match yes.
Do I depend on Draco no. If he is in cool. If he isn’t cool.

But having him around as currently configured let’s me use some Dino’s that wouldn’t make the team otherwise


You’re in a fairly low tier for battles, meaning you don’t understand why it’s a big deal at higher trophy levels. You’ll likely never see a velociraptor at 4000 trophies, it’s when your level 20 legendary rajaklyasaurus gets killed through instant invincibility with 1500HP by a common dinosaur, that you start scratching your head about why such a crap dinosaur has such an overpowered move.

1350 damage doesn’t sound like much on its own, velociraptor does so much more right? Except actually very wrong. Velociraptor does not instantly do massive damage on swap in, it’s damage his hindered by shields and armor and it’s damage reduction can be cleansed away. Anything with a shield can make a decent opponent for an indominus rex, plus you still have 50% chance to hit, a decently leveled baryonyx can kill it in 1 hit with a little luck.

At high trophy counts the battles are typically very very close games. DG2 is basically a trump card, a stegodeus with 1350 and a shield, if you translate that to regular HP would be 2632HP (armor 30% makes it 1755, shield blocks 50% meaning you’d need to do 2632). There is no luck involved in the attack, the easily leveled DG2 will instakill a shielded stegodeus dealing the equivalent of 2600+ damage.