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If you use dracorexG2 against me


How is Draco2 so much worse than other dinos they can use or swap in on yours? It’s just one of many strategies. I’ve tried using it in Arena 10, wasn’t impressed, decided to focus on others.

Sometimes I get them (I especially like anticipating their return with a timely swap), sometimes they get me… but if I won every game I would have won the tournament :wink:


I don’t see this dino as much of a problem myself. I’d rather lose to this guy than an indo that dodged every attack I throw out.

Then again, I have what I consider to be the ultimate anti-Draco2 dinosaur in my team - Megalosuchus. Pin. Ferocious Strike. Megalo is buffed up with only a small amount of hp trimmed, ready to face the next dinosaur (if there is one), and Draco won’t be bothering my team again during this match.


You realize that they would likely use the DG2 to finish off your megalo right? making it worthless? shield worthless, damage buff worthless, counter attack worthless, and all because a common dino…Unless all your dinosaurs have pinning strikes it’s gonna be in and out.


So OK at higher levels in arenas with a much better class of dinosaurs a commoner Dino is destroying the ambiance?

I truly hate when the help gets lippy too.

It really doesn’t matter what arena it is. Dino levels go up at higher arena levels.

Sounds like your upset cuz you lost some battles. And are looking to say anything but “I messed up and didn’t win”


Actually, I’m 13 wins and 1 loss to the swap spammers this week alone. Being able to do it hurts your own strategy development more than it hurts me.


Not if you manage to force it out, which is what I usually do. So far, I’ve never lost a fight to a Draco2 so long as Megalo is in my line up. I use Megalo a certain way which I have found makes him helpful to me.

Like I said, it doesn’t bother me. It’ll probably get nerfed anyway.


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Man for all the times I’ve used her and had her used against me it’s just a laugh at this point. WELL DARN. All I can do is hope I manage to get a lockdown strike on her and take her out before she’s pulled back and reloaded.


I have seen overleved Irritators Gen 2 and Kaprosuchus, they only have 1x Swap In damage but have more speed and HP and no lock down so they swap then strike because they have a great chance to be faster and survive more hits then switch to another dino then repeat the process… Also Irritator have 20% critical chance.
We have to deal with wathever we find in battles and find our way to counter it, today is Draco tomorrow will be others.


Oof! A 21!!


I just had a gorgosuchus critical on me 3 times drop three Dino’s in a row and the last one got finished off with an irritator.

I ended the match by insisting George burns and laughing. Cuz it was awesome… And I lost.


Just baited my opponent with my bruised ‘green chicken’ for a ‘second serving’ then killed off his/her DG2 (by then, already showed me what he/she had left in the lineup) so it was quite straightforward to win the match.

I have used DG2 before but I realized that it can expose your lineup such as in this case and despite helping you to finish off 2 dinos, it, in turn, became a liability.


I dunno i like exposing my line up… But turns out (as the judge told me) it’s not a good thing to do.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ who knew.


Actually, I see Tany fairly often in the upper 4,000’s… like Draco2, sometimes it prevails, and sometimes my dino takes it down. I haven’t heard anyone complaining about this common dino in the highest arena.

Peace :slightly_smiling_face:


You swap in full health Megalo as soon as health of your previous dino is in danger zone to call Dg2 out and it’s toasted. I like to use Utahsino Critical Impact, cause usually crits and gets oneshoted.


The best counter is for the player using it to be bad at math and not quite finish you off.


Did we play the same player?? I played this person last night with a 28 DG2 and a 25 Stegodeus and 26 Indo (I think). Player clearly knows where their priorities lie for sure. Hope they enjoy the investment when this little piece of work gets nerfed next patch.


Miscalculation or Draco happens especially since he doesn’t pop up to often


The point is to play patch to patch not to whine and do nothing during meta changes. That’s why you lose.


It’s like showing up to a knife fight with a bomb. Biggest problem I face is knowing whether your opponents have it or not. Until you know your opponent has it, countering the SwapIn is strictly luck based and the most effective Counter is your Health. Since it can one shot many dinosaurs with 1/2 - 2/3 health, many of them are in danger after just 1 attack. Having a faster dinosaur with 50% health or more most player’s are going to choose to attack their opponent as opposed to giving up an attack to trade out their half healthed dinosaur because the other player might have a DG2. Most of the time the fresh dinosaur coming in doesn’t have a strong enough hit to kill a fully healthed DG2 so the DG2 with its now lowered health is traded out. Now you are aware that your opponent has it but any dinosaurs you now use when they reach that danger health zone have to either be traded out, giving up attacks, or possibly dying on the next attack. This is why it either needs to have either a 2 turn lockdown OR only 1x damage OR cannot bypass armor/shields.

It also gives your opponent an advantage as you are trying to get to 3 kills before they get 2 kills without exposing they have it. Once the kill score is 2:2 in most cases they only need to get you to half health (if you aren’t already there) to SwapIn win. You could trade a half-healthed dinosaur for your remaining fully healthed dinosaur but you give up an attack and depending on what you got hit with after the trade, you may be vulnerable to that SwapIn killer again before you ever get to make another attack.

I don’t like using many of them, but I think the most effective dinosaurs against players that have it are other dinosaurs that have SIA so you aren’t giving up attacks/plays to swap out mid healthed dinosaurs.

It’s frustrating and infuriating to have this little gal used against you but until things change, it is what it is.

But it is so satisfying beating someone that relies on it. :smiley: