If you use level 30 meta dinos w/max boosts please refrain from using emotes indicating that you are skilled

Because I assure you, you are not. Skills is not using the meta team (erlido, spyx, magna, draco, thor, dio, maxi, and tryko) and holding your own against the entire game because every single player I battle uses 3 out of 4 of those dinos in every single battle (about 30-40 a day) that I am in, library and gyro depot. And 3 out of 4 is being very liberal. More often than not, my battles will consist of 4 out of those 8 dinos. So using yawn and uh uh uhhh emotes are very condescending and players who use those 8 dinos have zero rights to be condescending, when those are those handicap dinos. That means you are incapable of using a team of any of the other 150+ dinos other than those 8 and maintaining your current arena status. If you want to use those 8, go for it, my team is only getting better and better at countering every single one of those dinos, but for the love of all that is just and right in the world, stop acting trite and smug using emotes when your level 30 erlido with a 165 speed and 2200 attack is brought in after your 166 speed magna and you think you’re skilled. If you are such a good player, then why are you still in the depot. You can’t get any higher levels or any additional boosts on your team, they’re maxed. Yet you still can’t climb that ladder of all the other meta team players, can you? Skills, HA, what a joke!


I respectfully disagree. You can still use meta dinos and be skilled and there is no way to be skilled using a common dino… The thing is boosts. A 20 speed boosted and 10 attack boosted Magna yawning at you I agree. But the problems, as ALWAYS, are boosts


I must admit I thought the whole emote thing was inevitably going to cause more upset in an already toxic arena. And this proves it to be the case.

But players will happily buy emotes and spam them too as if to say look at me, I bought this emote! So they aren’t going anywhere soon I’m afraid.

So emotes and boosts will continue to create the environment so many of us despise. Best just turn them off in my opinion.


Top 500 and most competitive tourney players beg to differ, how else do you think they get so high when the meta requires certain Dinos?

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I’m currently 44th i think in the tourney, i was an hour ago, so i’m sure it went up to 60 something. (I currently have 11680 points in the tourney alliance championship, so you know its not a one time fluke with the tournament score - I’d post a picture but then the admins would take it down and ban me for a month for using my username) And my alliance is a top 15 alliance. The players in my alliance don’t all use meta dino’s, and if they do, they use just a few, some of the best players have hardly any, if any at all, of those 8 dinos on their team. Can be somewhat frustrating when Raiding and needing a power Thor or power Maxi and no one has one, but we make due. A level 30 lasmus subs great for a power maxi, or a monolorhino for a dio, or even a trag for a dio. Yeah, it takes a little more skill and creativity to use dinos other than those 8 and battle in the high arenas, but i have one level 30 on my team, the rest are 25-28, and not one of those dinos in that list is on my strike team and i’m currently in the depot. It would just make for a more diverse and interesting and FUN, what a crazy thing for a game to be, fun, wow who woulda thought, if people used different dinos than only those 8. And I’ve accepted those 8 always being used, that’s why my team is a team of counters for those 8. It’s actually more frustrating when players throw a curve ball and use something i haven’t seen in a while or unexpected because then i don’t have any counters for them. My only main irritation now is that players insist on using emotes like they are skilled yet they aren’t, the undeserved smugness is irritating. And i usually did have emotes turned off but I do enjoy the occassional player that shows respect when I pull off a great move or combination of moves and uses that “Nice” word emote or “Good Play”, which i’ll always reply with “Thanks” and I do the same when I see a player pull one over on me unexpectedly and get a great move on me. That’s respect. I wish the emotes were only the worded ones, though i will admit I do like the entire collecting aspect of the game, therefore i do collect the emotes as well. But i sure don’t keep the yawn or uh uh uhh emote on my little ensemble of 8, i instead use the dino ones or the seasonal ones on that list for when I’m raiding with friends

It’s always the 20 speed boosted magna with 10 attack boosts and then follows with the 20 speed boosted 10 attack boosted erlido that spams the yawn emote. Those are really the players that i wanted this rant to go out to

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and until the last boost reset, I had a regular common raptor, tany, and deino on my strike team and bounced back and forth between library and depot. It’s just knowing how to use them. I only dropped them from my team because of the boost reset screwing me over in the fact that I could have used those 90 boosts on many other things since a common tourney is a thing of the past, well anything that isn’t epic tourney seems to be a thing of the past

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People can play how they want to play. If emotes aren’t your thing, don’t use them and turn them off.

And there are actually several meta dinos listed beyond what you have, and at this point no one should be struggling to beat erlidom. It’s the least of your worries.

It still takes skill, even when using max boosted bad boys. Boosting is a skill in its own right.

As they say, if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.


Just turn the emotes off. I turned them off day one and I never have to deal with bad players bragging about their lucky crits or gloating when their overleveled creatures beat mine. The arena is annoying enough; don’t make it worse for yourself.

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It’s not that I can’t handle the heat, and to stick with this metaphor, it’s insulting to a 5-star restaurant chef if a fry cook from a fast food joint comes and starts bragging that he’s a better cook. I agree, boosting is a skill in it’s own right, and it’s great to see so many players having a 145 speed thor, i just think in my head, what a waste of boosts for a creature that will only get one attack or two distracted attacks, but hey they got a super fast thor. Again, i actually have realized the more of these 8 dinos that people use, the better for me, as I’ve just started boosting and leveling nothing but dinos that counter them. I just can’t stand when people gloat and act pompous when it’s undeserved. I only wish I could invite them to battle me in the tourney’s, as that and raids have been where a majority of my attention has been placed. I thnk i’ve level 2 dinos one level each on my strike team in the past 3 months. I only do arena to farm incubators, i couldn’t care less what my trophy count ends up at, other than getting that extra 3 win’s worth of trophies to start out in the tourney’s with.

emotes… another chapter of wrong decisions by Ludia.

Don’t understand yet why… if Ludia wants to promote fairplay and respect among players why do they create such unrespectful emotes.


Money. It’s gotten me to starting buying stuff in game, so in terms of cash, they have done that correct. Buyable DINO costumes/skins would probably also bring in the same amount of money and would probably be more enjoyable(for some players(especially those that never use emotes))They’d probably just take more time to add into the game compared to emotes.


Hmm, no offence mate, but if you’re basically saying you’re too lazy to turn off emotes at the start of a battle and then you’re going to complain about it, you probably deserve to get emoted on lol.

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Max-boosted meta dinos do not equal a lack of skill, I disagree. You’ll find many of the top players in the arena very high in the rankings in skill tournaments too.

I will say it takes a bit more creativity to successfully use something that’s out of place in the meta, but I don’t think that necessarily makes you more skilled. What would make you more skilled (relative to the people you’re playing against, which isn’t necessarily a high bar) is if your opponents have teams on even (or higher) ground(s) compared to your own and you beat them consistently.


I’ve never been a fan of emotes and out of habit turn them off. True sportsmanship doesn’t include facetious behavior which has been encouraged by Ludia. Try to get in the same habit and save yourself the trouble of dealing with it.

Can I use them if all my opponents are all L30’s max boosted meta too?
We might be skilled.
I dunno.

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If you guys think max speed Magnas and Erlidos are “meta”, sorry to say, the worst is yet to come if you ever get there. Magna is fine, but pretty much no high level player uses Erlido.

Gemini, Monorhino and Tenonto are better. There’s probably 20 creatures better than erlido.


Draco takes no skill. Thor only takes no skill when he is nitro boosted


nitro Thora is usually trash in terms of health. I usually.prefer to face a nitro than a tank-attack thor.

Player base “find a revenue stream that doesn’t effect game play”
Ludia creates purely cosmetic emotes you can disable
Player base “except like that”

I don’t want to get another week off from the forum so I’ll be more gentle than usual…

Please stop assuming you’re better than other based off of arbitrary ideas you yourself came up with, as I said to you once before if you choose to use different dinos and that is rewarding for you please continue to have fun your way while also not being judgmental of people who dont subscribe to your ideology. You aren’t better than everyone else because you like spending your days in the middle of the pack talking down to everyone above you