If you want to get loads of tenonto

Come to Alaska, it’s literally a massive park.


Sure, I’ll go.

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The easiest way to get DNA you need is to stop using the dinosaur. Then they will start showing up all over the place!

Remember: “The hardest dinosaur to find in the game, is the one you NEED!”


Here’s my park place.

The entire island is a park and riverview drive loops nicely with plenty of places to pull over.
No cool beach graphics though and it’s quite the drive from Savannah.

That’s a long way to go for DNA?! But I will consider it XD. Where I live is also a massive park but it doesn’t show as one in the game which is a shame :confused:

I’m down for that cause I need Purutaurus DNA and it’s a park spawn lol

should be a great place to find many ice-age creatures.


I would love to visit, always enjoy watching TV shows on the Alaska. but it seems like life to and is very hard and only the strong survive.