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If you want to nerf Alberto, do so NOW or NEVER

Before we waste:

  1. 1 million coins
  2. 100K DNAs
  3. 30 boosts

Ludia, if you will nerf Alberto in the future, do so NOW.
It’s way too op compared to other rares so it’s destined to be nerfed. . It’s much better than TRex and Acrocantho with its instant kill and so many immunities.

Ludia, when you are designing the new dinos, do you have the concept of balance in mind? I have already wasted too many resources on these ex-op dinos that had been nerfed to the ground eventually.


Chill out, it is only out.


Don’t wait until too many resources are wasted. This is an out-of-balance dino, very obviously.

I agree with that. I love how it‘s a Ludia running gag to introduce op blue or yellow creatures and then wait for the playerbase to put so many ressources in it before nerfing the frak out of it. :joy::joy:


I’m only getting it to 20 or so for advantage tourneys. I get that it is very good but do you think people would use it at lvl 30 max boosts in PvP after what happened to other OP creatures they wasted coin and boosts on?

Correct. Right before Ludia nerfed Metrodom, Metrodom incubator was put in the store. Same for Procrea. I bought the Procrea incubator before it’s nerfed, but that’s when I was new to the game - never fell to that kind of trap afterward.
Still want Ludia to come out with balanced dinoes so we don’t waste resources and time on the ones that will for sure be nerfed later.

Not sure for PVP, but will get it to lv 30 for advantage with this kind of stats. Very op for Epic/rare tourneys.

Oh, don’t worry, they’ll nerf it… After several players have it at level 30.


That’s the thing. It’s the problem if it’s not nerfed now:

  1. If you wait, then you’ll lose to others with Alberto in the advantage tourneys.
  2. If you invest, then you’ll lose all the resources once it’s nerfed and it WILL be nerfed.

I mean distraction still beats it hard since no ramps like any fierce. Plus it’s prio impact has a delay unlike instant rampage

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Ludia always seems to give Fierce creatures tools to beat Cunnings. First it was Cleanse on everything and now priority multipliers.
This thing can OHKO Cunnings of the same Rarity without even taking any damage. Who’s idea was this?

Boosted in speed it even beats Hadros and Magnus, and unboosted it’s basically like the Marsupial Lion but better in some ways and worse in others. It can take on Mammolania, Maxima, Tryko, Gemini, Thor, etc and win.

Ludia’s balancing is just baffling sometimes. By sometimes I mean most of the time.


How this was determined to be a rare with these stats is beyond belief!!!

Come on Ludia this is farcical


Not necessarily, especially if you compare it to creatures of the lower Rarities, even Epics.

Yeah i was testing it, it beats quite a few rare cunnings, but dilo does win

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Now we just have to wait and see how far they go with its hybrid(s). I wouldn’t be surprised if Instant Shattering Rampage becomes a thing.


Don’t give them ideas!




I just don’t understand how no one said to the devs, hang on guys this is way too op for a rare. It’s so much better than every rare fierce and has as much ability as most legendaries!

Dude stop, it’s only been out for literally just a few hours. Sick of people wanting everything nerfed


At least give Killer Instinct a 2 turn cooldown.

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