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If you want to stop playing Arena

… after a day or two, you will stop getting attacked.

I haven’t played at all this season due to the discrepancy errors, and I haven’t been attacked since the first day of the new season. Granted, there’s a whole duty that you can’t participate in if you abandon Arena, but I’ve found that’s not a huge deal for me. I had a full streak when I stopped playing Arena, so if I have a duty reroll that I’m not using on breeding duty, I’ll use it for the arena duty. Sometimes I get lucky and land on a win streak or emporium, which gives me an easy key.

I’ll probably go back to Arena once the discrepancy errors are resolved, but in the meantime, it’s become pretty easy to ignore.

Wanted to share in case anyone found the info useful.

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I may be mistaken, but I think the error is solved now.