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If you were given control, how would you fix the arena?

Im pretty sure most are gonna say “Remove Boosts,””nerf rat,” or the like, but id like to hear suggestions anyways.

This game really didnt deserve any of the carnage Ludia brought upon

Split the arena into boosted / nonboosted. Everyone plays in the way they want.


First and foremost I would have an arena that allowed us to play with unboosted dinos. So we go into it with our best team and the boosts are automatically removed.

We would be matched by trophy level alone.


Basically this.

I’ve said before, many times before, that Arena’s need to be team level specific. Now, we have more Arenas than we did at launch so this idea is slightly out of synch but the idea stands.

Fallen Kingdom (1-3).
Mount Sibo (4-6).
SS Arcadia (7-9).
Nublar Jungle (10-12).
Badlands (13-15).
Lockdown (16-18).
Sorna Marshes (19-21).
Jurassic Ruins (22-24).
Lockwood Estate (25-27)
Aviary (28-30).

Boosted dinosaurs count towards their “new” level so they potentially should balance out in the right Arenas. But I’d prefer boosts went away myself.

With the new Arena levels, I’m sure sure how I would adjust levels but I’d be more up for increasing max dinosaur level.


That does not work though. Who has a full team with only two or three levels between them all?

What do you do with someone who straddles levels? 4 in one and 4 in another? Say I have 4 level 21 and 4 level 22?


I think he means an average team level. The game would take your dino’s levels and average them out to one singular level, and that level would determine what teams or what arena youre in, correct?

If that were the case how easy would it be to throw on a couple level 1’s and lower your average. Then just thrash whomever you get matched with… Going by levels is just a bad idea.

A team of all level 30’s drops to a 26 average with the replacement of one L30 with a L1. Not that cool.

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Fixing arena? You mean the worst part of JWA?

For me, reduce the timer to wait for AI battles to 15 seconds. Who cares about PvP, only serves to make people angry and salty? Make AI available to all lvls above 1k trophies so the noobs can have fun while the rest of the players can just have quick
arena battles and not have to deal with humans.

Making any further changes will just make arena buggier and more likely to have crossed battles thus more anger.

Removing boosts works only if they remove the special matchmaking algorithm and just go ± 200 trophies. If not we have not changed anything besides drag battles longer and increase anger.

I would say as little coding changes as possible. Use the money to buy more server bandwidth for AI battles.

@Wwwoodchuck you are right because of how the game stands now. I first proposed this last year not long after launch. Back then it would have worked but not so much now.

The way that I had it intended was that once you had unlocked an Arena you could always go back and play that Arena with an appropriate level team. It meant that having Arena specific dinosaurs in incubators was fairer and people could play dinosaurs that were new and had not been levelled up yet.

It wouldn’t work now because of how the game has changed since launch but if I had the power to change the Arena I would try to rework this idea to something usable.

With all due respect to everyone’s ideas most of them simply wouldn’t work. Dinosaurs levels doesn’t take skill into account and that causes a major problem, I may have a team of level 15s but my skill level may be below that or the reverse. Locking people in arenas can cause a player who lacks skill from having any chance of winning and of course there are exploits for nearly any solution. At the end of the day, as unlikely as it may be, eliminating boosts and using only trophies to matchmake is the best solution. Without boosts the rat swaps in for +/- 2k adjusted for shields and armor and is no longer as big a problem, some small minor tweaks and everything falls into at the very least a more reasonable place. There is no solution with 0 flaws but this is imho the most “fair” answer

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I don’t think there is an option that will work with dinosaur levels/strength, boosts, player skill, team selection…etc. In theory they should all balance out after a time. Maybe, the only way to really do it is via the old trophy system. That was at least similar to the class Chess ELO ratings system.

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I say only let certain arenas boost a certain tier

Buff Stgydaryx. That’s it. Nothing else. Stgydaryx will fix everything


Unboosted arena like everyone is saying. I can’t use my new unique dinos because everything with boosts will one shot them.

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I would love and hate the idea of a non boosted arena. I would love everything to be back to normal, not having to fight broken Thors that one shot your team. DC’s that deal 3000+damage upon swap in, but then…a non boosted arena would ruin my chances at using Koolab and Stgydaryx

  1. Make trophies gained always one higher than trophies lost. This would have a huge impact (let’s say 14k active arena players a day at 10 games a day each - that’s 140k net new trophies a day added). People would progress again.

  2. Introduce that new arena type of non boosts. No trophy count- just a hidden mmr record. Won loss ratio only. Allow this to count for DBI and alliance missions. No seasons, no rewards, no incubators. This is for fun, or a place folks can go to just mess around and have fun thats not friendly battles. Allow ai battling as an option immediately.

  3. Add a loss streak rule. If you’ve lost 5 or in a row, match you up with someone else that has also lost 5 or more in a row. 99% chance one of you breaks that streak.

  4. Match on trophy count only.

  5. Remove boosts from tournaments.

  6. Add hc rewards up to 30k back to seasonal rewards.

  7. Increase rewards for tournaments for those not in top 10.

  8. Make sure that the top players of the game can always match vs someone. They should be able to. Yeah, that means some folks will get destroyed. So in addition, allow top players to gain 15 trophies off them for a win and lose 44 for a loss if the range is high enough. Then means a 3-1 record ends up in a net gain still. Remember, you always lose 1 less than the opponent gains; and since we are adding net new trophies they will be able to get much higher than they can now.

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Not bad, my only area I fervently disagree is a separate arena. I feel like dividing an already thin pool of opponents may hasten the games demise.


Yeah, I hear ya.

Thing is, experience has shown me the following statement is largely true:

No amount of enticing (better alliance rewards, boosts, DBIs, seasonal dna, arena exclusive DNA, coins - how many more incentives can they give it?) will get folks who hate arena and hate mass losing to play it. My wife won’t. My kids won’t. Most of my alliance wont.

Adding a new arena wouldn’t stop folks who actually enjoy current arena for what it is from playing it - it would get folks to start battling who haven’t in months.

Hearthstone did this successfully.

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  1. I would remove all speed boosts. I’d credit each account with enough coins to compensate as they did last time. I would leave Attack and HP boosts in place. They aren’t as game-breaking.

  2. I would create a team strength index adding up all the HP points, Attack Points, and Speed points for the team of 8 and weight them so that speed = 60% of the effective total, attack = 20% and HP = 20%.

  3. I would then subtract the lowest dinosaur level from the highest level… that difference would become a handicap value to prevent gaming the system with four 30s and four 1s. The higher the handicap value, the tougher your opponent would be. This acts as a multiplier of the team strength index.

As described, this system should match teams evenly with boosts taken into consideration, and de-incentivize trying to game the system with unbalanced teams.

Arena Rewards

  1. Trophy gains and losses would be based on your team score and your opponent’s team score. The higher your average dinosaur level the more trophies you can win. But, this is also handicapped based on your current trophy score. So… if you have 5000 trophies and select a team of eight level 1 dinosaurs, you would play in Arena 1 and only get a few trophies if you win. But, if you lose, you could lose 100. If you play in the top arenas, you may win upwards of 100 trophies. This would prevent people hanging around in Aviary by playing a weak team against newcomers.

  2. If you beat a stronger team, you get a few extra trophies, and if you lose to a stronger team, you lose a few less trophies. (which seems like they do it backwards in V1.8).

The actual trophy counts, handicap values, and team strength weighting would have to be worked out… but I believe it would result in fairer matches with more competitive play and a reward system that would let the best players shine.