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If you were to completely ruin a dino

If you were to completely ruin a dino and make it really weak what would it be? It can be for any reason, really annoying,bad design, to powerful


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No one really.



Indo g2 and precerat, just to see the rage from ppl who dumped boosts into them


For each speed boost added to Thor it takes away 100 Armor and 100 Damage :wink:


Indo G2. Replace CS by a regular Strike.

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Marsupial Lion. A lvl 10 one can use minor rending strike + rending takedown and kill off a lvl 20 creature. Also Ludia gave it immunity to slow for some reason. That makes it way more powerful than any other rare, as shown by the tournament.

There is a reason why Marsupial Lion has Immune to Deceleration. It’s because 1. It’s suppose to be a tank buster and 2. Deceleration is one of the Marsupial Lion’s biggest weaknesses. If we were to take away immune to deceleration to it, then it won’t be as good as a tank buster as it is right now.

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It can even kill T. Rex with a crit if it dodges. Now imagine adding a lot of HP and speed to it. Would probably hold its own even against most uniques.

I understand that you find ML a little too op, but taking away immune to deceleration would be too harsh of a nerf. If you want to change it, reduce the HP to 3600 and increase the speed to 122.

Well, it was by far the best creature in the CRE skill tournament, that is because of the usage of creatures slower than it like diplo and secondonto (In a rare skill tournament, it’s good, but not amazing). The immunity to decel is fine, but the real problem is the 40% crit chance. In theory, marsupial lion has a 64% chance to kill everything slower than it that can’t speed up past it (mammotherium and lania). And for creatures like secondonto, that counter attack is also lethal. I would reduce its rending strike to 30%, so that the counterattack isn’t too much of a factor

Its main problem though isn’t the immune to decel. It’s the rending kit. It may be a tank buster, but a lvl 10 one busting lvl 20 tanks, that’s what I find OP. Probably the only counters I can find to it out of non-hybrids is pyroraptor due to its double distract. Though the constant cleansing + dodging would make it annoying.

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This is exactly why I said to reduce the HP to 3600. I can agree that you may find the crit chance the main problem, but that would be a harsh nerf imo aswell. In general I think the only thing that needs a nerf it HP to 3600, that way, it would be balanced. So, leave the moveset and the crit chance alone and reduce the HP.

Crucial but…
I want to see them cry :smiling_imp:

It is difficult to decide between Yoshi and Indo2. It’s hard to decide which one ruins the game the most. For justice it should be Yoshi (the most overpowered dino in the history of this game) but currently it does more damage to the game Indo2 because it is present in more teams. Therefore Indo2.
Entelemoth could be a candidate, but since I have never faced any and almost no one has evolved and boosted him, it is not the problem that can become

As long as you don’t raise the speed to 122, because then it would be easy to boost its speed to the sky and bring it to kill off everything with maybe a dodge if needed before delivering the rending takedown on even most speedsters.

I think increasing the speed on Marsupial Lion to 122 and reducing the HP to 3600 is a ideal trade. After all, at least ML is more easily killed, all you need to do is do 2400 Damage and then swap into dracorex to kill. I also think it would be ideal for ML to have it have 122 speed because I think it would be faster than a stegosauridae.

I haven’t seen many use dracorex in tournament. When I met ML there, I had no idea what to do against it, lost my entire team to a lvl 20 one, and lost 2 creatures to a lvl 10 one before finally getting rid of it.

My team was: lvl 20 Diplodocus, lvl 20 Brachi, lvl 20 Darwin, lvl 30 Kapro (didn’t get picked against ML), lvl 20 Carbo, lvl 20 Meiolania, lvl 20 Rhino, and lvl 20 Gryphosuchus. Which means most of my team is pretty much vulnerable to it. Speedsters didn’t really have a use in the fight when it was chompers vs tanks for the most part.