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If you were to create a new arena, what would it be?

I personally would like to see an arena for players with 6.5k trophies and above. It would also have a 1 minute timer along with shores and as for the arena itself, I would love to see the JW lab or the raptor paddock or maybe even the Indominus rex paddock! What do you guys think?

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Anything that has lots of foliage and, if possible, sunset view. My favorites are Mt. Sibo, Sorna Marshes, Lockwood Estate, and although I haven’t reached it, the Shores look great too.

Shores looks awesome.Only thing I don’t like about it is the 2 minute timer. Otherwise, I would go there more often. Maybe a sunrise of the grassy hills with brachiosaurus in the background

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Maybe the Sorna landing strip from JP3, or the Sorna worker’s village at night from TLW. Those would be pretty cool arenas I think.

Or the campsite at night from the battle at big rock with fire and wreckage everywhere.


I just reached Lockwood Estate! I would love the I Rex paddack. The paddocks could have marines because there is water, especially in the lego game for jurassic world.

Is lockwood estate, hard. Question: I have allosino at 20 and can tarbo to 20 but I can also go for dilouranosaurus and can get deinocheirus to 20. Should I go for dilorcherius or thor?

I’ve got both and only Thor is in my team at the minute. Dilo struggles in the current meta his stunning rampage is good but he’s normally been wiped out by the time you get to use it

oh ok. I’ll go for thor. Besides I don’t even have the dilophosaurus hybrid yet. I can probably get like 8 more legendaries but my gold restricts me. I could get ardontosaurus, momomimus, monostegotops, smilocephalus. The list goes on.

Ardontosaurus and Monostegotops are very decent. Tryostronix is worth getting too I’ve only just used him in the tournament and he was brilliant I can see why people level him up to the high 20’s/30

Hmm… can we keep this thread on the topic this thread is made for please.

Ok, I think the indominus paddock would be great. Good idea about that. I personally would like the old jurassic park building. Maybe, ludia could start handing out like tiny amounts of legendary dna and the indominus paddock or the old jp building could have like 20 irex dna in the epic incubators.

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The indominus paddock would be cool, with scratches on the walls


yeah (ten characters)

I would create an arena based on the city that rexy rampaged through in JP2

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How about next to the wrecked fence where T. rex escapes from in the first movie

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A trashed San Diego could be cool.


I’d like to see it on the roads :smiling_imp: also make all the sanc exclusive creatures be unlockable in battle incs once you reach that arena.

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Jurassic Park Visitor Center


San Diego sea front where the rex does the classic JP2 shot

I would like to be able to PvP in AR mode, on a table top, living room floor or my back yard.

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