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If you won't fix the arena, then please just add a forfeit button

I’m sick and tired of wasting my time on unwinnable battles because of unfair matchmaking and the braindead decision to hand out unique DNA like candy.
The arena has always been like this: one or two broken creatures that always get leveled and boosted to the sky to make them unbeatable. Every. Single. Patch. So if you won’t fix the issue at hand then please at least give us a quick fix in the form of a forfeit button so we don’t have to waste time sitting through dozens of unwinnable battles


Same with tournaments. If I am fighting a maxed boosted team of creatures against my unboosted level 24s, I would like to just find another match

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I like to avoid High-Aviary. I’m not strong enough to break into Low-Library so I don’t want to win a lot there. Yet for some reason, in Low Aviary, I faced a level 1 Deinoychus. I thought it was a de-ranker, and here he is with his level 25 boosted max My Thyla killed him, yes, but a team with the highest being an unboosted level 24 Indoraptor being matched against that? Really?

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Even though this would be a great idea, there will be several problems that will stem from it:

  1. Arena dropping will be way easier, just need to get a match, press the forfeit button, and repeat.

  2. It’ll make battling even less enjoyable. Imagine that you are having a bad day of matchmaking, and whenever you get a battle the opponent just forfeits and doesn’t even give a fight. Sure it will make getting incubators easier but it will definitely kill the game in the long run.

However, there are some benefits to it not going to lie.

  1. It will definitely spare our sanity. I’m sick of fighting 10000 hp ardentis in Low library, and then closing the app, waiting for a while, reopening the app to find out that the battle is still ongoing.
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I’ve been seeing more 10k health maximus this past week too. I try to get thyla or pterodactyl or both if I can rotate to start draining some of that health fast. Even the chompers have a hard time biting through all that.

If forfeit was an option, almost every battle would end in forfeit. What would be the point of that?

Reasons pro:

  • Many matches are lost before they even start with RNG chosing you dinos
  • Arena is totally unbalanced, loads of unfair matches
  • Battling is already not a pleasure, at least make it quick
  • Droppers don’t waste their opponents time while dropping

Reasons con:

  • Dropper drop faster (who cares?)
  • People who spend money need to see the benefits of doing so.

Make your own opinion, but imo there are clearly more pro arguments.