If your unlucky Alanqa is gamebreaking

If you are unlucky and either don’t get a armor piercing Dino or don’t have one on your team Alanqa possible 3 turns of total invincibility (swap in invincibility plus long invincible) mixed with it having rampage makes it all but impossible to beat on a level playing field

U can try nullifying Dino’s too

What I mean is having 3 turns of invincibility that you can be helpless against if you have bad luck is bad game design

One of my biggest issue with the arena is that yes strategy is important and will increase the odds of winning there is a larger factor in that whether you win or lose can be completely determined by luck at times

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There are so many shield-breaking and nullifying Dinos, also Alanqua has a hard time against Tanks himself. If you can’t deal with Alanqua 95% of the time your team seams not balanced enough.


Most games have a luck factor involved. I can only think of two that don’t. They are both played on a checker board.

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Its hybrid Alankylosaurus is better and can be way more annoying… But both are far from unbeatable… There are shield-breakers, nullifiers, stunners, tanks… Many ways to counter them… Plus their damage isn’t high so it’s unlikely that they’ll beat a dino without taking hits.

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I agree. I roll my eyes when my Indom cloaks and then this annoying bird appears to block my attack, but there are enough counters. Heavy tanks, nullifyers, shield breakers.
I‘m also using slowing down and stunning often while counting the turns so when the shield is gone I‘m free to attack.

I also find it somehow funny when I‘m using a nullifyer and the opponent decides to use instand invincibility instead of swapping out or making at least max dmg.

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I run Alanqa (I’m level 9, shut up). Nullification attacks always ruin my day and its attack is middling. Invincibility also doesn’t save it from status effects.

Death over Time attacks also worth mentioning

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ROFL have you heard of defence shattering rampage? Or nullify for that matter?

Bleeders. Stunners. Shield breakers. Nullifiers. Tanks that shield especially since they often have high armor too. There are a ton of viable counters for this dino.

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