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If you're going to drop Arenas


Could you at least have the decency to choose moves ang get on with it? Not uncommon to face some that just go to battle with a weak team and then probably go do something else and we have to wait for the countdown every turn. I want to do a real battle and you’re wasting my time. As if bullying lower level players weren’t enough you gotta be a freaking nuisance even when dropping… Pitiful.


yeah it sucks. sometimes i would sit there if i had the time and press the buttons but if i was busy i would just press battle and put the phone in my pocket. fastest way to derank. i did it as a study though and will not ever do it again, no reason too.

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I would rather face those instead of teams of lvl 27+ dinosaurs. Its plain humiliating when I’ve got little hope of winning. I’ve had bad enough luck as it. No need to add to it.


Could you please share the conclusions of your study? :smile:

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I just return the favor when they come back up… and let the clock click down to the last second before picking my moves. Only against those that have clearly dropped but i will drag a fight out just cause.

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I managed to time out a battle once, just to be a snot. Watching TV with the family, decided to do a battle and came up on someone with all level 6 to 10s. At around 4900-ish trophies.

They were letting it time out for a while, so I decided to also let it. Started swapping around my dinos, and after he wised up to and started to attack I still let the timer run and did ID, evasive, etc. whenever I could to prolong the battle. Until I had to attack, then I swapped.

I thought I was just returning the jerk factor while goofing off, but after a while the battle timed out and ended. I looked at the clock and figured it must have been near exact 10 minutes.


Did the same thing once, swapping Blue, Charlie, Delta & Echo over and over again😂

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I’d rather have an opponent who dropped the connection over an impossible to beat team.


Dropped the connection? I doubt that’s usually the case… Of course overleveled bullies are worse, that’s out of the question. This is just another annoying thing these players do.


I doubt it’s usually the case, but I think we’ve all experienced waiting for battle screen to count down past 1 minute, and only because of experience do we reboot the app to join the in progress battle.
Of course, if you’re facing that and a team of level 1 creatures… well that’s on purpose. Still, I’ll take that over an impossible to beat team.