If you're going to take damage

Let cloak or dodge DO damage!

Maybe .5 priority damage when you select it.


I like that idea! Maybe it can reflect a portion of the damage when your dino dodges successfully.


I think it’s good idea for a new move… maybe “Deflect” so it reduces damage by x% and returns y% to dealing dino.

I don’t think this is a solution to dodge though… dodge should either dodge or not simple. Get rid of the rng by making it 100% chance to dodge when used but limit to only one turn (similar to cloak). Cool down should be appropriate, maybe 3 turn. It still has plenty counters such as definite and precise strikes plus nullify. If the ambition is to reduce frustration from RNG surely this would have been better?


Or at least change it from 66 to 75% which wouldn’t be as drastic as the current nerf.


Agreed. Change dodge back (and give people time to get the new anti-dodge creatures up to team level) and then add a new move “Deflect”. Would certainly slow down the Thors of the world.