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If you're having Sino problems I feel bad for you son


When the Grypo event came I found only a few, but I’ve seen two wild Sinos over the first few days - used an epic scent in local one and got three (plus a conc and a bazza), then wham! Today found five! They were in locals three, four and one.

On another note - I know it’s wintry in most of the northern hemisphere so it makes hunting difficult, but here in Australia we’ve had a heatwave. Today reached 46.2 degrees celcius when I was at lunch, and yes, I did go out for the five minutes it took to get one of the Sinos I spotted!

The extreme temperature makes the phone overheat within minutes, ‘freezing’ your darting and just lagging and crashing the app. You have to let it cool down inside for a while before venturing out again.

Good luck with Sino hunting the rest of the event everyone!


Sino has been incredibly rare even when visiting local one quite frequently. I see one every few weeks normally, so this week does prove that they spawn more for the event, though as I mentioned with the Grypo one, I saw hardly any!