If you're using the Raid Finder

Please have some sort of semblance of a strategy and what you should bring… You can’t bring a lvl 21 Thor unboosted to the lvl 30 Apex croc… or this… WHAT IS THIS?! AND WHY? And why start a raid when someone pulls this out?! Wasting everyone’s time…


Well you used raid finder, don’t expect much.


So far i got leval 26-29 dinos.

people are probs expecting to be carried. sorry not sorry, you cant be carried through 99% of these off a random invite.


As far as I know, the only way to defeat Imperia is with 3 Refrenantems and a Parasauthops. I haven’t seen any other strategies.

I think there’s another one with a Tuo, Morty x2, and para. 5 turns

edit: yep


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Of course, you may get low levels players. They may have not a healer, or a tank, they may use what they think may do well.

Yeah did this one yesterday and it worked.

I agree with you did a couple albertospino raids this morning so i can finish leveling up that way rather than using my alberto dan and people just were messing around or were clue less. If your indoraptor why use evasive stance instead mutual fury to cleanse the distraction or when i took up the indoraptor role why the guy using para didnt use group cunning strike and instead healed. Felt like some common sense was missing there.

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yea I saw a lot of Thora using instant charge instead of an viable move.

You’re ignoring the fact that about 75% of the jwa community is not on discord lol. You can’t expect people not on discord to know strats, that’s just how it is with randoms


You can find multiple raid strats just using a simple Google search. I think more people should know they exist.


If you see others are using random dinos which doesn’t help in raid, just quit the lobby and try again.
In my opinion, raid matchmaking is good for rare & epic alone.

Above that, you should be really lucky to pulled inside a lobby with raid ready dinos, while using auto fill.

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But clearly they don’t, and complaining here about that won’t do anything either. Since people who don’t know strats are 99% of the time not gonna be on the forums. This thread is quite literally useless :man_shrugging:

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Im not talking about strats, im talking about basic common sense. Common sense allowed for victory when i did para raid with random people.

Is it really common sense? Do you really think an average non discord using player will go for mutual fury against a boss? Seems quite counter intuitive to increase the bosses attack. You might think it’s common sense but you’ve been raiding for months now, half of these randoms probably have never even won an apex raid.

It can be frustrating yeah, but we’ve all gotten so used to everyone knowing strats that people forget that there’s a good 75% of the playerbase not on discord or the forums


it would be knowing first hand the boss attacks first and that the para guy was gonna remove the the attack increase. Doesn’t help that given chat there isn’t anything that states self buff to help the guy out.

So it would be common sense in a coordinated raid? I do agree that there needs to be better communications in raids. I remember there used to be options like “We need to use distraction”, I have no idea when and why they were removed

And yet here you are…